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Sunday, February 22,2015
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Cops and the mentally ill – problems and solution

By Tom Walker
I should preface what I am about to say by stressing that I am not a cop-hater. To the contrary, I am proud of my late father, a forensic scientist/Massachusetts State Police captain.
Sunday, February 15,2015
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Child Advocacy Center responds to recent teacher incident

Recent events and media attention surrounding the prosecution of an area high-school teacher for sexually abusing a student have prompted a response from the staff at the Athens County Child Advocacy Center.
Sunday, January 25,2015
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SOPEC puts forth bold energy plan for Athens County

By Brennan Howell

If you're looking for a bold plan to address the biggest energy problems facing people today, the place to look is not in Columbus, Ohio, or Washington, D.C., but in Athens County, Ohio. Several southeast Ohio governments, officially organized as the Southeast Ohio Public Energy Council or SOPEC, have joined together and created a plan that will lower electricity prices, create jobs and produce more renewable energy.

Wednesday, January 21,2015
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Athens rec official explains planned city pool project

By Andrew Chiki
I normally am not inclined to respond to comments on websites but I would like to take a moment to address some questions and concerns voiced in a recent online comment on
Tuesday, January 20,2015
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ACFAN: 198 of 199 public comments on K&H3 oppose the project

By Athens Co. Fracking Action Network
A public comment period for a new Athens County injection well came and went while OU students were on break and many community members were away on holiday, according to a news release from the Athens County Fracking Action Network.
Sunday, January 18,2015
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Wimpy U.S. media didn’t get Charlie Hebdo’s mission

By Lyrr Descy

The Athens NEWS is one of many American media outlets that fail their audiences and the memory of Charlie Hebdo cartoonists by not publishing their work. Its timidity, masquerading as decorum and statesmanlike prudence, perpetuates the meme that the cartoonists were doing little more than lampooning Islam just to be provocative, and were sometimes "blatantly racist."

Sunday, January 11,2015
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Local agency plans to continue advocating for the poor

By Arian Smedley
With 2014 behind us, it's time we look ahead to what 2015 has in store for Ohio's poor. Based on what our elected officials and opinion-makers are saying, this year is bound to be an interesting one.
Tuesday, December 30,2014
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Coverage of local rape case reveals victim-blaming culture

By Sarah Fick
I am writing in response to the comments made by Athens attorney Susan Gwinn reported in an article by David DeWitt and printed on page 8 of your Dec. 11 edition, titled "Details Emerge in Rape Case."
Sunday, December 28,2014
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State must say no to another injection well in Athens County

By Loraine McKosker
It seems that Athens County has received a holiday gift that will continue to keep giving… Another injection well permit has been submitted to Ohio Department of Natural Resources' Oil and Gas Division by a Parkersburg, West Virginia company called K&H Partners LLC.
Sunday, December 28,2014
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U.S. & Cuba: Ruminations of a grumpy old Latin Americanist

By Tom Walker
Forgive me, but over a half century of visiting, researching, teaching and writing about Latin America has given me a different take on Cuban-U.S relations than one might garner from U.S. Government spokespersons and our "patriotic" national media.