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Wednesday, September 17,2014
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Athens folks, smell the roses in the here and now

Clichés are the pits, aren't they. Fossilized remnants from the past, carriers of tenacious metaphors, too easy to discount.
Sunday, September 14,2014
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Performing music deserves fair pay and conditions

By John Borchard
On behalf of my fellow musicians (and artists in general), I'd like to provide a bit of community education regarding the procurement and maintenance of musician services. I've been a musician for 51 years, most of those spent in the Austin, Texas, and Athens, Ohio communities, and the majority as a professional musician.
Wednesday, September 10,2014
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Stand Up for Marzec and the beleaguered Palestinians

By Damon Krane
Megan Marzec clearly stated her position on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. It speaks volumes about her opponents that they'd rather silence her than attempt to argue against that position. From th
Sunday, September 7,2014
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Wonder what’s the purpose of Labor Day? Read on...

By Ted Linscott
Another holiday weekend has come and gone. To most people, Labor Day symbolizes the end of summer, the beginning of a new school year, or the beginning of football season. 
Wednesday, September 3,2014
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Burst the Bobcat bubble

By Gary Goosman
Here it is. Another fall term in the heart of Appalachian Ohio. As with so many new school years, there will appear multiple editorials directed at Ohio University students encouraging them to wander outside the realm of academia to experience Athens County and the surrounding area.
Monday, September 1,2014
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New Athenian recounts her top 10 favorite Athens things

This is a list of my 10 favorite things about Athens after living here for one year. It's just a way to share some known and not-as-well known treasures about Athens with others who are recent arrivals.
Wednesday, August 27,2014
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Citizens likely did have impact on USFS fracking decision

By Bob Sheak
David DeWitt's article, "Protest dismissed, but no drilling in Wayne anyway," may leave the reader with a false impression.
Wednesday, August 27,2014
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ALS Ice Bucket Miracle is not a new phenomenon

By Bernhard Debatin
We now know that the bucket challenge worked amazingly well and that it has done phenomenal things for an orphan disease like ALS: $23 million in three weeks for a charity that usually needs four months to collect the same amount.
Wednesday, August 20,2014
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Local activist reports from Yazidi refugee camps in Iraq

By Peggy Faw Gish
The cry for help from minority ethnic groups in northern Iraq, threatened by the militant forces calling themselves the "Islamic State" (IS), is being heard by people and governments around the world.
Wednesday, August 13,2014
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An egg-bound democracy? Reflections of a gentleman farmer

By Tom Walker
Retired from over four decades as an OU political scientist, I now have the opportunity to spend time talking with and learning from the sheep and chickens on our little Rt. 13 farm.