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Wednesday, December 17,2014
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How marching band taught me to love football

By Jan Spring
The longest marching band season in the history of Athens High School has just come to an end with the OHSAA Division III football game against Toledo Central Catholic. Where the football team plays, the band follows.
Sunday, December 14,2014
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Our leaders should aid growth of wind energy

By Nate Lotze
Though our mild summer and relatively cold fall may make it hard for Ohioans to believe, 2014 is on pace to be the hottest year on record for the planet, according a recent U.N. analysis.
Wednesday, December 10,2014
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Radford Road fatality draws attention to government failings

By David Pritchard
The Athens NEWS articles last month concerning the death of a Radford Road, Athens, resident while picking up his mail Nov. 21 points out a failure of our government agencies at all levels.
Tuesday, November 25,2014
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West Union fire underlines importance of fire safety

By Lt. Dan Riley
As many are aware, a fire broke out and spread through many buildings on Athens' West Union Street early in the morning of Nov. 16. The fire spread rapidly through the businesses and apartments, leaving a lot of damage behind, and students without homes and belongings.
Tuesday, November 25,2014
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Thanks owed to those who work & volunteer in hospice

By Hannah Ticoras
As I prepared to write about my experiences as a hospice volunteer for an Athens NEWS Reader's Forum, I was boarding a flight to Charlotte, North Carolina.
Sunday, November 9,2014
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Uncle Sam lit fuse on current ‘problem’ of child immigrants

By Tom Walker
Big countries can be very destructive. The U.S. is no exception. The nightmarish mess in the Middle East today is largely a product of our behavior in Iraq and Afghanistan. But we don't have to look that far afield to see the cruel impact of U.S. interference.
Wednesday, October 15,2014
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Help DD Board continue to provide necessary services

By Autumn Brown
You walk into a local grocery store. You notice that your bagger has a disability. He works diligently and after neatly sorting, he hands you a bag with a smile and a glow of pride telling you, "Have a nice day."
Tuesday, October 14,2014
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Please vote for the Renewal Levy for the seniors Meals on Wheels

By Robert Sowers
The upcoming Senior Citizens Meals on Wheels renewal levy is such a significant event I felt the real-estate taxpayers of Athens County should know exactly what they are paying for.
Sunday, October 12,2014
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Hocking president says he was forced out over racial issue

Self-titled: 'In His Own Words...'

By Dr. Ron Erickson, Ph.D.
I write this letter to share my personal experiences during the recent events that have unfolded at Hocking College. It is offered with the hope that the campus and community will have a more comprehensive understanding from which to draw their own conclusions.
Sunday, October 5,2014
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OU Parking Service offering tuition-free degree in B.S.

Never let it be said with a straight face that Ohio University doesn't bring a great deal to the tables of Athens city and county.