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Sunday, May 3,2015
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One can oppose gay marriage on principle, without bigotry

A March 30 "Athens Voice" submission posed several questions to Christians who object to same-sex marriage. The questions were reasonable enough, if somewhat sour in tone, but the writer already had an answer for each of them: bigotry.
Wednesday, April 29,2015
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Celebrating Social Security, Medicare & Medicaid

By Warren Hayden
It is time to celebrate. Come join the celebration at noon on Wednesday, May 13 at the Athens County Courthouse. Get a piece of cake and sign birthday cards for Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid.
Sunday, April 26,2015
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If you have a good argument, don’t sabotage it with snark

By Brandon Jaeger
The April 16 letter in response to Sam Schooler's April 9 piece about Carry and Conceal laws vis a vis campus rape, headlined "Cover Article Contained Many Liberal Myths About Guns, CCW," contained this line: "…your 'Che Guevara is great' poli-sci class while sipping a latte." Really?
Sunday, April 26,2015
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Local business owners call for increased interaction between City Council members and constituents

By Jason Kopelwitz
My name is Jason Kopelwitz and together, my wife (Jessica) and I own and operate Fluff Bakery and our newest venture on Athens' west side, the West Side Wingery. This letter has spawned from my experiences and the endless anecdotal evidence that I can no longer continue to ignore.
Wednesday, April 22,2015
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Ballot measure would call for 100 percent green energy

By Gary “Spruce” Houser and John Knouse
The city of Athens has provided notable leadership in addressing numerous kinds of issues. In the arena of energy, the solar array at the Community Center still appears to be the largest municipally operated solar system in the state.
Wednesday, April 8,2015
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Why the McDavis bat problem is not simply about bats

By Bernhard Debatin
Apparently, the presidential residence on 29 Park Place is in need of renovation, as are many other buildings on campus, and it has a bat problem, as do many other OU buildings. A visit to Glidden, Ellis, Clippinger or Morton, to name just a few facilities, shows how run-down the physical infrastructure on campus is.
Sunday, March 29,2015
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College sports are changing

By Grafton Conliffe
Revisiting the issue of Ohio University's desire to build an athletic academic center, I asked my friends, many of whom attended multiple colleges and universities, what they had needed to complete their courses and graduate.
Sunday, March 22,2015
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Hypocrisy taints disgraced sheriff’s plea for justice

By Adam Bennett
Several years ago, on one of my many trips home to Athens from Columbus, I gazed upon a giant billboard alongside U.S. Rt. 33, between Nelsonville and The Plains. It caught my eye because looking back at me was the face of an old high school friend's father.
Sunday, March 15,2015
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Pool planning needs to stop before it goes off the tracks

By Todd Swearingen
On Jan. 21, a public meeting was held to discuss a new aquatic center to replace the aging East State Street pool in Athens.
Wednesday, March 4,2015
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University should reconsider building’s destruction

By Bob Eichenberg
There are trends in planning and resource management that lend credence to the preservation of our built environment and discourage the demolition of buildings that still retain their structural integrity.