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Monday, December 29,2014
Rental Guide

How to give a room a new look without breaking the bank

Redecorating a room or an entire house can change the entire feel of the space dramatically. But an unpredictable economy has made many consumers a little more particular when it comes to spending on home decor.
Thursday, December 4,2014
Rental Guide

Rental Guide December 2014

Tips for saving money on utility bills (and keeping your student rental warm) this winter

By Terry Smith
College students are famous for being broke, and living from month to month on their parents' largesse, minimum-wage student employment, or whatever's left in savings from the crappy summer job. Click here to learn some helpful tips on how to save some money this winter on your energy bill.
Wednesday, December 3,2014
Rental Guide

Preventing and treating frozen pipes

Frozen water pipes and leaks can quickly lead to disaster. Water damage can result in costly repairs, some of which may not be covered by home insurance policies. Preventing frozen pipes and leaks is essential once the mercury starts to dip.
Monday, November 10,2014
Rental Guide

Rental Guide October 2014

How to create a pleasant home space without ticking off the landlord

By Hannah Yang
Trying to make an apartment or house look like something out of Better Homes and Gardens without ticking off your Athens landlord is actually possible.
Wednesday, October 22,2014
Rental Guide

Rental Guide October 2014

How to make the most of a small kitchen.

By Nadia Kurtz

Walking into a new apartment can seem pretty daunting. Blank walls and empty countertops make decorating and organizing seem like a major task, and it also seem impossible to pile everything into a small space and make it look presentable. Find handy tips on how to make the most of your small kitchen in this month's Rental Guide.

Thursday, September 18,2014
Rental Guide

Rental Guide September 2014

When renting, what are students seeking and avoiding?

The Athens NEWS asked OU students what they are looking for and what they are trying to avoid when searching for rental housing in Athens. Take a look at some of their responses.
Thursday, September 18,2014
Rental Guide

Rental Guide August 2014

Fire Safety for off-campus living

By Lt. Dan Riley
Being a student living in off-campus housing can be an exciting experience. However, with the fun comes more responsibility. Since off-campus housing presents higher fire risks, it's important for students to possess basic fire safety awareness, and familiarize themselves with their new home.
Friday, April 25,2014
Rental Guide

Rental Guide April 2014

Says city had 9.7 percent growth in ‘effective rent’ in February

By Jim Phillips
Anyone who's paying even slight
attention knows that a big part of
the Athens economy is the local
rental market, driven by the looming
presence of Ohio University with its
thousands of students living off campus.

Data from the U.S. Census' American
Community Survey, covering 2008-12, show
that nearly one in every three occupied
homes in the city of Athens was a rental.
Friday, April 25,2014
Rental Guide

Rental Guide March 2014

Nine ways to legally host a party

March in Athens is a month full of
parties, which can be lots of fun.
However, if you happen to be the
unlucky sucker who decides to host a party
during this festive time of the year, take a
look at this list, because you are legally liable
for what happens at your party.
Friday, April 25,2014
Rental Guide

Rental Guide February 2014

Green ways to embrace shorter, colder days

The arrival of autumn ushers in cooler
days and less hours of sunshine. As
much of the country turns its clocks
back an hour, night descends that much
earlier, prompting a greater reliance on
artificial light and electricity. When the time
comes to turn clocks back, eco-conscious
men and women can employ various strategies
to conserve energy.