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Sunday, February 23,2014

Athens Voice 2-24-14

"Now, in this day and age, you're guilty until proven innocent. It happened to me. I pled guilty to a third-degree felony because I said three words; "Leave the sheriff alone. Let him do his job."

"Bravo to the maintenance men who painted over the entrance to the abandoned church at the corner of Congress and Lancaster. Someone had sprayed the word 'Ichabod' over all entrances. What does that mean, anyway? Bravo to the maintenance men who made it look 100 percent better by painting and fixing up the doorways. Good job, guys!"

"I must laugh when I think of the environmentalist stand that wants everything to be au natural. To me, such a state, considering the human condition, is as scary as an atomic bomb. One group of old people in our country, naturally, take this position to an extreme by parading on city streets in the buff. You talk about scary! Have you looked in the mirror lately? You're beautiful in someone's eyes."

"The Athens Voice can be really interesting, but some of the Voice submissions are sheer nonsense. Where do people come up with this stuff?"

"The most intolerant people I know are Athens area enviro-whackos. In their bizarro world, anybody who doesn't rigidly follow their PC doctrine - all fracking bad, all coal-mining bad - needs to be transported to a re-education camp. Chairman Mao would be proud."

"Once the best sheriff Athens County ever had is gone, who's next on The A-News enemies list? It's always gotta be somebody, doesn't it?"

"What ever happened to hats? It used to be that everybody wore hats all the time. Someone needs to study this, since I'm sure the answer will say a lot about our human race."

"Now that things have warmed up a bit (written Friday), I guess all the climate change alarmists will be saying, 'See, we told you so. The globe is warming.' But they're already forgetting the coldest winter in Ohio history… well, one of them anyway."

"Do you know that you qualify as a teacher when you can teach aerodynamics to a bird? Otherwise, it's those that can do… all the rest work for some government agency."

"I wish the students crossing Richland Avenue in the designated crosswalk would step up the pace when cars are waiting. I've seen student pedestrians actually slow down when stepping into the crosswalk, forcing awaiting motor vehicles to wait even longer. During class-change times, this can get ridiculous."

"Uptown Athens experienced its first hint of spring-time crazy during our brief warm-up Thursday through Saturday. I guess the students realize that their annual spring crazy time only has a few warm weeks before spring semester's over. Get crazy while the getting's good."

"Why does has-been rocker Ted Nugent get any media attention at all? And why is the Republican candidate for Texas governor sucking up to this virulent racist? If that's smart politics in the Longhorn State, I'd suggest Texas get started on secession. We don't want 'em."


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kelly isn't the best sheriff ever, he just publishs eveything he does on facebook so you hear about busts more.  

ANEWS, can you please do a story about the number of drug related busts before and during the sheriffs time in office.  Please reflect the tri-county drug task force busts that Athens was involved with pre-kelly (seeing how they stopped working with Athens after his election... hmm did they see this coming?). Feel free to add in how many felony counts all previous sheriff's had combind for the comparison as well.  



Always nice to see someone issue a qualifier that disqualifies their own statement.

"Now that things have warmed up a bit (written Friday), I guess all the climate change alarmists will be saying, 'See, we told you so. The globe is warming.' But they're already forgetting the coldest winter in Ohio history… well, one of them anyway."

Coldest Ohio winter on record was 1917. But people are "already forgetting." :-] Must be the drugs. They'll do that to you after 97 years.

Globally, January, 2014 was the 4th warmest on record.

But it was cold on Court Street in January. Everything that happened everywhere else in the world doesn't really count.

There's probably a reason why they call it Global Warming and Global Climate Change, rather than Ohio Warming or Athens Climate Change.

Can't figure out for the life of me why science would take an entire planet into consideration, rather than just a few zip codes :- /



Who will be the next Athens county Democrat to get arrested, beat his wife, or not pay his employees correctly? Bring back Terry Anderson he could help Kelly manage his Finances and Bill Bias can fight off Mike Dewine. What a crew 



"Our military is the one thing our government was truly set up to do."  Let me think about it. Wait. Wait. Nah, I'm not buying that. 




We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, PROMOTE THE GENERAL WELFARE, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.


"Geneal Welfare" is broad. It can include anything from preventing one state from excluding interstate trade/transport, damaging the quality of resources (air, etc.) in "downstream" or adjacent states, providing work or general relief programs in times of fiscal chaos, promoting industries (subsidization, etc.)and on and on and on. Not just "welfare" (food stamps, unemployment, SSI, etc) as so many want to narrowly define it.