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Wednesday, January 22,2014

Forget about the geo-engineering safety net; it’s broken

By Gwynne Dyer

Photo Caption: Gwynne Dyer

Bad news on the climate front: It was already clear that we are very likely to break through all the "do not exceed" limits and go into runaway warming later this century, because greenhouse emissions have not dropped, are not dropping, and probably will not drop. We did have a fallback position, which was to counter the warming by geo-engineering - but now the leading technique for geo-engineering also looks like it will not work.

In a paper published this month in "Environmental Research Letters," three researchers at Reading University in England have shown that trying to cool the planet by putting large amounts of sulfur dioxide into the stratosphere would lead to a 30 percent decline in rainfall in most of the tropics. That would mean permanent drought conditions in countries like Indonesia, and millions would starve.

Starvation is the main impact that higher average global temperatures will have on human beings, as they will cause a big loss in food production, particularly in the tropics and sub-tropics. But the standard assumption was that there would still be as much rain in the tropics as before. Maybe even too much rain, as the heat would mean higher rates of evaporation and more powerful tropical storms.

What Drs. Angus Ferraro, Ellie Highwood and Andrew Charlton-Perez have done is to use several climate model simulations to examine the effect of geo-engineering on the tropical overturning circulation. This circulation is largely responsible for lifting water vapor that has evaporated at the surface high enough up into the atmosphere that it turns back into water droplets and falls as rain. If the circulation gets weaker, so does the rainfall.

Paul Crutzen, a Nobel Prize-winning atmospheric chemist, first suggested putting sulfur dioxide into the stratosphere to cut the amount of incoming sunlight and reduce heating at the surface in 2006. At that time, talking about geo-engineering was taboo among scientists, because they feared that if the general public knew that the heating could be held down that way, they'd stop trying to curb their greenhouse gas emissions.

Crutzen violated the taboo because countries and people were NOT cutting their emissions, and there was no reasonable prospect that they would. (This is still largely the case, by the way.) So the world needed a Plan B if we did not want to see a planet that is 7 degrees hotter by the end of the century.

Crutzen pointed out that large volcanoes, when they explode, put substantial amounts of sulfur-dioxide gas into the stratosphere. That causes significant cooling at the surface for one or two years, until it all comes down again - and it does no apparent harm in the process. The last big volcano to explode, Mount Pinatubo in the Philippines in 1991, reduced the average global temperature at peak by one degree.

Human beings could also put sulfur dioxide into the stratosphere to hold the temperature down, Crutzen said. The ice caps wouldn't melt, our agriculture would continue to get the familiar weather it needs, and we would win ourselves more time to get our emissions down. We still have to get our emissions down in the end, he stressed, but it would be better not to have a global calamity on the way from here to there.

There was so much outrage at Crutzen's suggestion that he had a nervous breakdown, but then a lot of other scientists came out of hiding to admit that they also thought the human race needed a fallback position. Various other proposals for holding the temperature down were put on the table, and by now there are dozens of them, but the idea of putting sulfur dioxide in the stratosphere still led the field - until now.

The Reading University scientists have discovered an unsuspected side effect of this kind of geo-engineering. The sulfur dioxide particles don't just reflect back a portion of the incoming sunlight from above; they also reflect a portion of the long-wave radiation coming back up from the surface, and that heats the top of the troposphere.

The troposphere is the lower part of the atmosphere, where all the weather happens. If you heat the top of the troposphere, you reduce the temperature difference between there and the surface, so the tropical overturning circulation weakens. That means less water vapor is carried up, and less rain falls back down. The result: drought and famine.

This is exactly the kind of scientific investigation that Crutzen wanted. He understood clearly that we were venturing into dangerous territory when we start intervening in a system as complex as the climate, and he stressed that what was needed was a lot more research before we have to gamble on geo-engineering to halt an imminent disaster. But it's a very discouraging conclusion.

The sulfur-dioxide option was the cheapest and seemingly the best-understood option for holding the temperature down. Many people were glad that it was there as a kind of safety net if don't get our act together in time to halt the warming by less-intrusive means. Now, there's no safety net.

Gwynne Dyer is an independent journalist whose articles are published in 45 countries.


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Geoengineering is weather warfare and it has been conducted covertly for decades.  Look up and study the sky and you will see blatant evidence of these programs in the sky overhead very often.





The planet is being DESTROYED at breakneck speed thanks to geoengineering that has been carried out COVERTLY for many years---please do some research on all the tons of data PROVING this at and wake up to the nightmare before it's too late.



"Sulphur dioxide" does NOT ultimately "cool" the planet---it actually BLANKETS the earth and HOLDS IN HEAT---only temporary superficial cooling here and there would happen---but it will ultimately create a "Venus Syndrome"---which will destroy all life on earth...these mad scientists and whomever else is responsible for this weather chaos are sociopathic, and must be stopped...ask: "Why would MONSANTO get patents for aluminum and drought resistant seeds?"  The weather WORLDWIDE is being manipulated with geoengineering---for MANY reasons...