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Wednesday, October 16,2013

Bystanders comment during alleged sexual assault uptown

This is a transcript of what they were saying

Throughout a short video of the public sex act early Saturday on Court Street, one can hear voices, both male and female, in the background. One of them is apparently the man who was taking the video; another is the man who has been accused of sexual assault – though not charged – in the incident.

Here is what you can hear clearly (expletives = ***) If the speaker is identified as "male," that's someone who was videotaping and/or watching, not the man engaged in the sex act with the woman:

Male:"He is eating out p**** on the street…"

Man with the woman [turning to camera]: "Yo, it's Goddamn homecoming motherf***ers."

Female:"Get it girl, get it girl, get it girl."

Male:"This is what OU alumni does. This man is... going at it."

Someone blares a blow horn.

Man having sex with woman: "Yeah! [in response to car horn]

Male:"This in unreal."

Male:"Unreal as f***."

Male:"What the f***, dude. O-U - bam!"

Male:"What the f*** is this, dude?"

Male:"Dude, this is literally happening."

Male:"What the f***?"

Male:"This is literally happening."

Man with woman: "[turning to face camera] Oh, you bet it's happening."

Female: "God. Oh, my God." (unclear who's talking)

Female: "Caroline…" (not directed at the woman with the man)

Male: "Come on, Caroline, let's go."

Male: "Like how do you not film this s***, you know?"

Male: "That's what I'm saying. I'm puttin' this s*** on the Internet."

Male: "Like this is definetely f***ed up but like..."

Male: "Deleting my f***ing Facebook after this s***."

Male: "Like literally, that's f***ed up that you're (expletives) like right here

Male: "Dude, you're a slut."

Man with woman: "I am a big whore, you know that."

Male: "That's f***ed up, dude."

Male: "What kinda drugs are you on right now?"

Man with woman: [something inaudible]

Male: "Man realest motherf***er in the game right now. He out here. Chase bank, getting that money, getting that honey.

Male: "F***ing crazy."


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