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Wednesday, April 3,2013

Athens Voice (4-4-13)

Potholes: "Having lived in and around Athens for 13 years, I find that the condition of roads in Athens city is the worst since 2000. Filling potholes with cold patch should not be a long-term maintenance plan."

Shifflet case: "I think in the case of Mr. Shifflet, he's guilty. I think he should be convicted, and I can't figure out what these jurors are trying to figure out. The man's guilty, and if you can't figure that out, you should leave the country!"

Passing Lane: "Why are you driving in the passing lane with five cars behind you? Pass or move over, and then don't speed up so I can't pass you!"

River Road stoplight: In regard to retired OSHP Lt. Hunter's comment that if we reduce the number of traffic lights, it reduces the number of accidents: I think we oughta take out all the traffic lights and see how it goes from there. Maybe we could do roundabouts everywhere, and that would solve the problem. But I don't think a traffic light at the Athens intersection of River Road is going to increase anything other than accessibility to the Plains."

Not funny: "I really hate the Athens NEWS humor issue. I get all prepared to laugh and enjoy myself, and instead find myself furious and vowing to never read another issue of the A-News. It shows the editorial staff to be misogynistic jerks who find ridiculing people funny."

Orange barrels: "I hate how Ohio's highways seem to always be in disrepair. Recently, after driving 700 miles from the Northeast, I only hit construction zones after crossing the Ohio line (near Erie, Pa.). No orange barrels from Vermont to Ohio, and then once in Ohio, orange barrels (and 55 mph speed limits) for most of the distance to Cleveland (though with no construction actually underway, and the closed lanes looking fine for traffic). This has been the case for many years."

Beagles: "Don't get me wrong; I love beagles. I even own one. But why does the Athens County dog shelter always have an over-abundance of this particular breed? Did the late 1700s pioneers bring beagles with them to southeast Ohio? And why, while we're on the subject, are so many dogs described as 'lab mixes' even when they look nothing like labs? I'm starting to think 'lab mix' is another way of saying 'mutt.'"

Non-partisan vacations: "I just heard on the news that our beloved congressmen, representatives, senators and everybody else are taking a two-week vacation. Well, that's very nice of them, what about the people who don't have jobs? They can't take a vacation! Instead of Republicans and Democrats, why can't we be Americans working for Americans? This goes for our city council, commissioners and everybody else in Athens County. Quit working for Republicans and Democrats and work for Americans. That's what we are. You just don't get it. And we need to start dismissing some of these people from their jobs if they don't know what we're doing or what we're supposed to do."

Good questions: "Why don't you love me like you used to do? Why do you treat me like a worn-out shoe? My hair's still curly and my eyes are still blue. Why don't you love me like you used to do?"

Moms Weekend: "Is it true that moms during OU's Moms Weekend get drunk and flirty?"


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As a former bartender... yes, it is completely true that moms come to town and flirt with the college guys when they are drinking.  It is also true that some come back to town for mom's weekend even after their kids graduate.  


James, Why are you such a petty person/troll. You offer nothing constructive, don't work for change, but whine, cry, and complain. Add that to attacking family members (as you have to me) and I might suggest thinking of when I met your mother...
yer a PUNK, prison style.


So you try to make a joke?
Again you make it clear that you lack comprehension, and like to judge others. Every time you're called on your BS, you divert and attack. I stand by my statement. I worked in 8 different state prisons, teaching, and you define their term, "punk." Do something constructive for a change, or STFU!


not everything is political. The way parents act is bi-partisan. Dad's weekend also brings more fights that also have nothing to do with politics


James, Your intentional ignorance is astounding. Almost as much as your ego. You stand in the face of reality and deny it. You belittle, verbally assault, send hate mail, make vicious phone calls. Your prejudice and inability to relate to others as individuals is frustrating at best. If you ever wrote anything constructive here, I missed it. Yes, told you to do something constructive for a change, and your silence would be such. Why would you think I would tolerate your abuse?



And Teabaggers want to howl about the number of people on food stamps--as poverty in this country grows because of Tea Party godfathers like the Koch Bros. Meanwhile 87% of all welfare is corporate welfare--but they ain't howling about that. 1.8% of Americans actually live on welfare. (But welfare moms have no Washington lobby.)

And then, there are the homeless. And then there are the homeless vets...