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Sunday, February 24,2013

Frack waste is hazardous waste, no doubt about it

To the Editor:

I was privileged to be a part of the protest that took place on Tuesday at the Green Hunter frack waste temporary storage facility in Washington County. There were more than 100 people protesting, some from the Athens area, but most from various different parts of the country – even from Canada.

This shows that fracking and its related activities are not something that just a few vocal locals are concerned about, but that many people from all over the place have witnessed the devastation that takes place when fracking comes to or near an area. What they have witnessed has awakened a deep concern in those people, so much as to motivate some of them to travel thousands of miles to peacefully protest this violent act that our state's governing officials are welcoming with open arms.

At last week's protest, there were 10 people arrested – seemingly at random – while the true criminals (those who are participating in the import of out-of-state hazardous waste, to later be spread on our roads and dumped in our ground) were being protected by the police. It was a shame, but it is a cause worth fighting for. We will not give in or give up!

What prompted me to write this letter, however, was not Tuesday's protest, but an experience that my wife had at her oral surgeon's office last week, when she had to get some teeth pulled. So, her teeth were pulled, and for memory's sake she asked for her teeth, so that she could keep them and show her family when she got home. What was their response? They said no, but their reason is what was shocking, not their answer. They told my wife that her pulled teeth were legally considered to be – get this – "hazardous waste," just in case she had a disease or something she didn't tell them about. Yes, they said, "hazardous waste," and they said, "just in case."

Now, connecting the dots here, since it is not merely a "just in case" scenario that frack waste fluids contain many, many deadly chemicals, but rather it has been proven time and time again that they do contain them, don't you think that it's totally irresponsible of our legislators to NOT consider that stuff to be hazardous waste? Seriously, think about it. Pulled teeth equals hazardous waste, highly carcinogenic toxic frack fluid equals an excellent de-icer for our roads. Talk about willful ignorance!

A landowner who would never sign a lease,
Smiles Welch
Old Rt. 33



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Admit it, you're pro-fracking 'cause you percieve the anti-frack group of all being liberals. Far from the reality. I'd rather they prove it's 100% safe, but you/they can't, because it's already proven not to be. Here's some "anectdotal" info worth reading.

In the mean time, you can drink the water if you wish.