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Sunday, February 24,2013

‘24 hours uptown’ article was unfair to revamped Union diner

To the Editor:

I am the manager at Union Street Diner, and a local resident of 27 years. I am VERY DISPLEASED about the tone of the article "Sunday Morning Coming Down" written by Anna Moore in your Thursday issue (in regards to our establishment). The Union Street Diner has been under new ownership for a little over a year, and as a team, we have strived to create not only one the tastiest restaurants in town, but a place where locals and college students alike can work in a pleasant, safe environment, and provide for themselves and their families.

Under the new ownership, sales have more than tripled, and we are happy to say that we have some of the highest-paid and happiest employees of any restaurant in town. I know this because I have worked at most of the restaurants in town. When we took over ownership we had seven employees; we now have more than 40. We expanded the menu, cleaned up the interior and met regulations with local fire and health departments.

Eighty percent of our menu is from scratch and made in house. We have switched protein suppliers to a fantastic local company out of Columbus who now keeps up stocked with some of the finest sirloin and strip steaks I have ever worked with. I would like an advertising opportunity, on the house, to help reverse her slanderous viewpoint in Thursdays issue. I question when the last time you… or this Anna Moore… actually ate here. If it is the case that it has been quite some time, then I highly suggest that you make the trip to see us. In fact, if you come Wednesday through Sunday, 6 a.m. to 3 p.m., ask for me by name, and It will be my treat. I believe whole-heartedly that you will be pleasantly surprised. Bring Anna, too.

Jordan Yehnert
Union Street Diner


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