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Sunday, January 27,2013

Athens Voice 1-28-13

City tax audits: "The city of Athens sends out letters stating they don't have any files on me paying taxes for a number of years. I (as well as several other individuals I know who have received these letters) have paid city taxes every year since I moved to Athens. How can there be no record of doing so? Now we must PROVE to the city that we paid? Was someone not doing his or her job all those years? I'm all for the city going after those who owe them back taxes, but I'm not one of them!"

Charity scandal: "When you are given a position of trust to represent a national charity in a fundraising event, there must be consequences when you break that trust and exhibit behavior that is immoral, unethical and unprofessional."

Gun control: "I'm now considering buying my first gun to protect myself from all the radical gun nuts in my neighborhood, several of whom are mentally unstable. I fear the gun nuts much more than the government I help elect. I just hate to join the arms race."

Stanley Tools: "It is shameful what the former county engineer and a couple of his employees did before leaving office. Doubt Sheriff Kelly will do anything about it. He's very busy playing on Facebook."

School closings: "Now they are closing schools because it's too cold?! Afraid the children's little cheeks are turning red? Imagine if schools in the Northeast, northern Midwest or West did the same. The poor children in Wisconsin would be home all winter. Get real, people! When I was a kid… And we loved it!"

School closings: "I saw a local teacher crowing on Facebook about how great it is that she had a snow day or two this week. She's thrilled that she didn't have to do her job. Wow, ain't it great that our local teachers celebrate when they don't have to teach?!"

County engineer's office: "I hope The Athens NEWS and the people of Athens County do not allow this matter to rest until all those previous engineering department employees who padded their paychecks while neglecting their duties are held accountable. I would like to see both civil and criminal charges filed. This latest report of the hiding and deleting of information is petty and childish."

Taxes: "As many of you probably don't know, The Plains Volunteer Fire Department took possession of their latest toy, (another) new fire truck. I think that since the station is full to the gills, the Fire Department is going to have to expand or sell some of the toys they already have. As a tax-paying resident of the second-highest tax district in the county, I think it would be nice and thoughtful if the Department were to let a tax levy fall off the books. If memory serves me correctly, they have a levy due this coming November."

City tax audits: "I saw in your Tax Guide last week that Athens Mayor Paul Wiehl got a special audit tax request and is presumably digging up five years of old W-2 forms. That's rich!"

City tax audits: "I live outside the city limits. we can't vote out of office the people who chose to make ME prove to THEM that I paid them their city taxes! Maybe I should just stop paying those taxes."

Soap: "I know this isn't a huge deal but it's something I think about often when I'm visiting someone and taking a shower. I'll look for a bar of soap in the shower, and all they'll have is a bottle of 'shower gel' or 'liquid soap.' WTF? WTF?! WTF?!?! Seriously, how can one improve upon a bar of soap? If thousands of years of human beings used bottles of shower gel when washing, and suddenly somebody invented a bar of soap, that person would be hailed as the greatest inventor of the century."


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You aren't for real are you?



Click here for the gory details on Walmart's societal mooching:  P.S. Big thanks to @[177207914342:274:Joe's Union Review] for this "FACT" graphic.


It seems to me that if 80% of your employees are on food stamps, and you're the "(
Wal-Mart widow Christy Walton is the richest woman in the United States once again," you could give a raise.



Fuzzy logic there, James. One time you're saying the people on welfare and foodstamps are wasting our tax money, then you claim we're not susidizing them? It has nothing to do with patronizing where they work.

And, no, I've seen it posted here before, and can easily google millions of hits that say the same, Walmart does not pay more than all it's competitors. Target and Costco being t close comparisons.

Where do you guys get the patience to confront James' cyclic craziness?







Ahh another string of winners from "The Athens Voice" of James Yerian. They really need to rename this comment section in his honor since he's found it the perfect place to post all of his thoughts and opinions ad nasuem without any back and forth... until the trolling bait gets a nibble obviously.