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Wednesday, December 26,2012

Some assorted wishes for 2013

By Terry Smith
margarita for web

Photo Caption: Two-for-one in South Beach! Cost: $50 and my reputation as a canny consumer.

My favorite column opportunity of the year; it just writes itself.

Here are my top 10 hopes for 2013, some serious, some tongue-in-cheek. Hopefully, you can tell the difference. I wish…

1. That something good comes out of the Sandy Hook school slaughter, common-sense restrictions on so-called assault firearms and the size of ammunition magazines available for them.

But as others have pointed out, we also need to re-invest in mental-health services, the sort of community resources that might identify and address mental-health issues that predispose a small fraction of people with personality disorders and other mental illnesses to go on bloody rampages.

In the aftermath of the Newtown/Sandy Hook tragedy, the NRA and other gun-rights supporters shrugged off the obvious role that anything-goes gun laws played in the slaughter, and instead cited the need to address mental-health issues in communities, mandate armed guards in the schools, and ban violent video games, TV and movies.

Does anyone else see the irony in these supposed solutions, coming from the same sort of people who otherwise support drastic cuts in public health, advocate cutting spending for local governments and schools, and take an absolutist position on one amendment, the Second, but seem OK with further diluting the pre-eminent one, the First?

2) That when people riled up about a political issue check their quotes before putting them online to prove their point.

On Facebook last week, a former Athens County candidate (a good person mainly), posted a meme, showing a picture of George Washington and the following quote:

"A free people ought not only to be armed and disciplined but they should have sufficient arms and ammunition to maintain a status of independence from any who might attempt to abuse them, which would include their own government."

He added a comment basically saying, "All you liberal gun-control supporters, this quote should finally shut you up!"

Suspecting the authenticity of the quote, since it doesn't sound like anything I've ever heard the deliberately spoken (and usually not provocative or inflammatory) Washington say, I Googled it. Here's the actual quote. It came from Washington's first annual address to Congress in 1790:

"A free people ought not only to be armed but disciplined; to which end a uniform and well digested plan is requisite: And their safety and interest require that they should promote such manufactories, as tend to render them independent on others, for essential, particularly for military supplies."

As you can see, someone (probably not the person who posted the quote) went in and very deliberately changed the meaning of Washington's words, so it no longer bore any resemblance to the original intent (which isn't entirely clear anyway, since Washington was likely referring to parochial issues unique to that time and place). If one can get anything out of the quote, it more likely makes an argument against unfettered gun sales and ownership.

Washington's bogus quote isn't an isolated one, either. If you go to the Second Amendment Foundation's website (this is a pro-gun group that's admirably attempting to keep the record straight), they have a page listing bogus quotes that have been used to make the gun-rights argument.

I'm fairly certain that you'll find a lot of the same sort of fabrication anytime someone posts a pithy meme on Facebook that sounds just a bit too good to be true. On the other hand, if the gun lobby had a persuasive case to make, one wonders why they feel the need to concoct their "evidence" out of thin air.

3. That folks don't whine so much about the Christmas music in uptown Athens. It was a nice touch, and along with the holiday decorations in storefronts throughout uptown and lights strung on buildings, gave our downtown an attractive and classic Christmas feel.

This is despite the fact that my desk is situated a few feet from one of the speakers, and it was tough sledding listening to holiday tunes for eight straight hours everyday, usually diluted by the real-life samples of vehicle traffic on Court Street. But that's my own cross to bear, and has nothing to do with the aesthetic and commercial benefits of making uptown Athens an inviting place to Christmas shop.

I did think it odd, however, that while the uptown holiday music started shortly after Thanksgiving, for some reason it stopped a few days before Christmas. It seems perverse to play Christmas music on Dec. 1, for example, but then NOT to play it on Christmas Eve.

4. That next time the Athens Messenger publisher attacks our paper in a column, she at least check the definition of "shopper" before using it as a cheap-shot insult.

Just to set the record straight, The Athens NEWS publishes more news articles per issue than the great majority of newspapers our size, and many papers that are much bigger (including the entire roster of our trade association, the Association of Alternative News-media). You can dislike us for any number of reasons, but please at least concede that we're a newspaper. And I've always thought being free was a nice bonus for our readers.

After all, I'd never suggest the Messenger isn't a newspaper, or that it doesn't have talented and well-meaning people working in its newsroom – and probably in its other departments as well. (Though I do wish they could deliver the paper at my house before 9 or 10 a.m.)

5. That I have learned my lesson when it comes to margaritas. My family vacationed in South Florida the week before Christmas, and our first stop, Miami's South Beach, exposed me as a wide-eyed gullible rube with a very high sucker quotient. After checking into the Beacon Hotel, we took a walk down the club-restaurant side of Ocean Drive. Figuring we'd quench our party thirst with a margarita, my wife and I acceded to the very aggressive sales tactics at one of the sidewalk bars. A "two-for-one" margarita sounded like a good deal, so we went ahead and ordered two. Being a seasoned traveler and skeptic, I did tell the young Cuban-American server that we'd just like the "house" margarita (which in most places means the cheapest one).

A few minutes later, she came back with two aquarium-sized goblets of margarita, as it turned out 50 ounces apiece and $50 for both.

For the next two hours, we struggled to finish them, and finally took the cocktail equivalent of a doggy bag with us.

We got clipped, which is never a good feeling.

I did complain to the manager, and he just shrugged, "That is our 'house' margarita. We only have one smaller (32-ounce) one. This is what we're known for."

Oh, and they neglected to put any salt on the rim of my glass, which in hindsight likely would have killed hypertensive moi.

6. That next year, I start off this column by being honest about how many New Year's hopes and wishes I'm going to deliver.


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I'll have to hand it to you, James, your ability to ignore any argument that doesn't perfectly fit your far-right world view is impressive. LaPierre suggested all of those things during his NRA press conference (armed guard$$ in schools, banning violent games and videos, better mental health resource$$).


By the way, Mr. Smith, can you justify how Pat Leahy and Democrats in the Senate want the ability to read your text messages and email without a warrant? Or how about the world-wide push to censor the Internet. And, speaking of that, how Obama's State Department not only is sympathetic to censoring the 'net, but is also adopting a policy of censoring any speech critical of Islam? Those are real things happening, not the pronouncements of Wayne LaPierre.

But these things are never addressed in your paper, and since they come from me, you and your ilk will quickly demonize it. But they are happening. And you're silent.




Terry's right. You have an uncanny ability to ignorer the truths around you, when they don't fit your agenda. When will you stay withion the parameters of the article or leter yoou are supposedly responding to?

One wish for you (James) for the New Year, learn to put your prejudice aside, and grow up, you're nearly 40.




You said in response to Terry: "Keep your head in the sand, and try not to underestimate and belittle the intellect of those who disagree with you." 

However your first comment insulted Terry and the rest of our community: 

"Your child-like logic doesn't work because you operate from the same mindset you had when you came to Athens.  In short, you, like everyone else in Athens, are in a state of arrested development.  And that is the mindset where you stay wedded to old ideas and prejudices.  You only entertain an opposing argument long enough to come up with a smart-aleck comeback and then dismiss it."

Would you please clarify if your statements are meant to be sarcastic or ironic in some way? 

Also, after you're done with any additional insults you'd like to dole out for me - if you could please give us additional dissertations on the issues that may have the least tangential connection to any article in the Athens News comments section that would be peachy. Reading your continual commentary and responses to anyone who posts after you is quite entertaining. I'd suggest using each and every article as a jumping off point with a comment so you may always return to the views that you feel the people of Athens need to hear about over and over again. That way they can really understand where you are coming from if they haven't read your previous thoughts. Perhaps we can all grow up and see the world from your viewpoint so everything will be ok. That way you won't have to rail against people utilizing their constitutional rights to editorial views in the publication of a free paper, pray (or not) to whatever deity they select, or amass a government repelling unregulated militia arsenal suited for quick efficient slaying of humans of all ages (as if - gov'ts have tanks, planes, and missiles) Maybe you can tell us how silencers for weapons are a key safety device to help save the poor children's hearing. Whatever it is, just don't stop. You bring hope that we can still all live together and have wildly divergent morals that allow for insults to fly freely as old glory... upside down and on fire.


1)I've been attacked since day 1 I dare criticize the Left wing establishment.
2)Terry Smith made a false argument about guns, an argument that socialists always make and is done for one thing: confiscation.
3)When I write all I get is hate, no substance. Insults mean nothing to me, it would be nice to have some substance. You'd be surprised by some of the mailings I've gotten.
4)I've lived here longer than you have. My family has lived here for 200 years.
5)The university atmosphere is where people come to not grow up. It just is. Professors rant and rave in class about anything but the subject, date students, advocate for policies like having sex with animals, killing global warming deniers, supporting infanticide, write letters to the editor, live in a bubble. The community reflects it. People come to Athens because it is not typical of any town in the USA. In short, it is full of young socialists and old people who can't grow up and shelve those old, failed, beliefs.
6)Old prejudices- that would be the failed tenants of socialism, where muddy terms like "reasonable" flourish.
7)I don't think I did insult the community. I insulted Mr. Smith and those who think like him. And Mr. Smith knows better, because he knows how he and his cohorts have treated me. He has allowed attacks on me that I could never get away with. That is his passive-aggressive way of getting back at me. Or maybe it isn't. Point is, he allows it.
8)I am just a regular guy who doesn't run his own paper. I don't have a bunch of brothers in arms in the university or at the local farmers market. I'm just one man. Get over it.
9)Hope that is clear.



30 Year Resident,

Good respose. Of course, James whines about being picked on, it's all the liberals', leftists', socialists' fault. Even though, 1) Almost every response (attack) was preceded by a prejudiced rant, 2) didn't read a false arguement, but a different opinion, 3) James gets what he gives, only with more substance, then he hides after, 4) I've been here longer than James has been around, by choice, not chance, 5) Ridiculous and typical hate from James, 6) ? The prejudice is most often from James, 7) which is it, we all think the same, therefore you did insult the community, or we are independent thinkers, and the insult was only at Terry?, and attacks, no one as mean spirited as you, who even is known for attack letters and threats, 9) Thankfully, you're not so regular around here, but the rest of us do enjoy plenty of friends in the community, many who frequent the Athens Farmers' Market and other community events, and 9) as mud.

Don't forget that it has been some of these 'liberal, leftist, socialists' that wrote, asking to keep your permission to be published here, and offered you a living wage job (which you never applied for, and accused of being disengenuous).

Integrated Acres and Laurel Valley have some great cheeses to improve your whine.



I'm not sure if I can handle another year of James' bulls**t (for which in the spirit of new year's amity, I'll refrain from adding the cornucopia of negative adjectives that are appropriate), but I'll give it a shot. God, grant me patience.


Beautiful argument Terry. If you disagree with someone, it's bullsh--. And yet, you get paid for this.