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Sunday, December 23,2012

Athens Voice 12-24-12

Gun control: "In regards to gun control, I recall 50 or so years ago something called the 'Kent State shootings,' and there was no talk about gun control then, when it was the government shooting innocent students."

Talking about gun control: "Just read David DeWitt's commentary in the paper regarding talking about gun regulation. I want to stand up and applaud him! Excellent, excellent commentary, good conclusion."

Mess vs. NEWS: "The Athens Messenger has their nose so far up the *** of the Athens County sheriff, they do not qualify as journalists. Kelly is being able to spoon-feed his nonsense to them while refusing to return calls from The Athens NEWS."

Arrest of OU employee: "It is a new age. You can't make comments about violence at work or school. Those comments can't be tolerated. If those comments were not dealt with strictly, and then something happened, we'd all be on here blaming the workplace/school for not taking action quicker."

Jimmy Stewart's new career: "Sellout!!! This is the man that voted FOR SB 5, when 70 percent of his district voted against it.  Then, rather than face reelection, he quit. NEVER FORGET!"

Hippies and fracking: "Still laughing about last Thursday's remarks bemoaning anti-fracking 'hippies' and blaming OU for 'keeping this area poor for over 50 years.' There are no more hippies, bub; they're called 'environmentalists' now. OU has been here for 200 years, fella, and without it Athens would look much like McArthur."

Gun control: "Don't worry, the NRA will protect our assault rifles. These occasional massacres will continue until people are properly armed."

Guns again: "I believe everyone is entitled to own a gun to put food on their table and to protect their family/property. But I see absolutely no reason for a private individual to own a semi-automatic weapon of any kind. Just my opinion."

The NRA: "Don't worry, the NRA will protect our assault rifles. These occasional massacres will continue until people are properly armed."

Guns and the sheriff: "I found it rather absurd that our sheriff's first reaction to the latest school shootings was that he needed more security at his office. Doesn't anyone up there know how to protect him if he can't protect himself? Sure makes me feel secure if we should need him for anything."

Athens Works co-working center: "Congrats to Ben and Sid. This is awesome! A dream that has turned into a reality. What a great idea… It is one of those things that makes Athens, Ohio an Intelligent Community."

Tom Walker's Reader's Forum: "Thanks Tom! You offer a lot of sound common sense, actual facts, and perhaps most importantly some very practical steps for people affected by or concerned about mental illness in this country. We need to get over the stigma that prevents people from getting the help they need. There are resources, and treatment works for the vast majority. What are we waiting for?"

The NRA: "Somebody – preferably its own members – needs to stop the most radical lobbying group in America, the National Rifle Association. This group's incredible tunnel vision was on full display when it proposed restricting the First Amendment (regulating violent video games, TV and films) in order to protect the Second Amendment from any reasonable regulation. If you're a member of the NRA, please grow some testicles and force changes within your own group."


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The First Amendment already has many common-sense exceptions (libel, treason, "yelling fire in a crowded theater," copyright infringement, certain types of obscenty). The same sort of reasonable exceptions should be made to the Second Amendment, including banning the sort of semi-autamatic rifle, with the ability to fire high-capacity clips, that Lanza took from his murdered mother (who legally owned it in Connecticut).

You're welcome a bunch.


Yeah, but common sense means it should work. We had an assault weapons ban, Mr. Smith. Didn't work. Secondly, criminals do criminal things.

I hope you can grasp this. Most guns are banned in Mexico, but yet, amazingly, drug cartels have them (most of them are of the former Soviet and Chinese variety, unless Obama gives them to them).

Adam Lanza broke the law to kill. He'd break it again. "High capacity magazine" restrictions wouldn't have stopped him. People that want to kill, do. Unless stopped by someone with equal means.

Weak argument, Smith. And you're cool with the Obama administration banning so-called "hate speech"? You'd have to ban half the letter writers you publish and the Dems wouldn't be able to make ads calling Romney a murderer.

"Reasonable" to a Lefty is misleading. They're not reasonable in the first place.




One man is to blame? That's so f'n ridiculous, I won't respond to that.

I wonder why you feel the need to attack anything you percieve as "liberal", and what's with this 'leftist' BS?

You might as well hang a sign around your neck, "I'm a prejudiced hater."

Almost every challenge  and statement you put out, when fact checked, is shown to be wrong. Why don't you fact check before you make a comment? Do you enjoy lookin' dumb?



Neither James or the other dude addressed my arguments. It's all about redirection. See a point that blows your argument out of the water, then change the subject. Also, for the record, I've never advocated banning "hate speech" against Muslims, though in my own dreams, I envision who commit that sort of thing (like so-called Christian clergymen who burn the Koran or whatever) suffer some awful and painful end.


Good Lord, Terry. You: we need more guns laws! Me: the gun laws don't work. Here's why. You: You didn't address my arguments!

Nuts, man. Nuts. You have a seething hatred of anyone that owns a gun, and the NRA.

By the way, the semi-automatic rifle is not an assault rifle, it is a rifle that is used everywhere for legitimate purposes. The high-capacity clip just means you have to reload less. You have to shoot it one bullet at a time. The automatic weapon is where you just pull the trigger and bullets start splayin'.

The CT shooter was intent on killing. He broke about 34 laws just to kill those kids. He was also a little nutso (ACLU made sure we have the crazies walking among us).

Tragedy cannot be prevented, and the knee-jerk reactions that you and your ilk propose have been imposed before and do not work.

You'd think a man who loves to embrace the 1st amendment even when it is abused would realize how important the 2nd amendment is to defend it.

I don't expect anything "reasonable" from a Leftist. They start from an unreasonable presumption about humanity in the first place.

I am James, the "other dude". For some reason I cannot log in w/ my FB account when directly applying to someone.

Banning guns doesn't work. It only makes sure that criminals are the only ones with them.

I don't own any guns, but if I wanted to buy an AR-15, which has been around since around the time you were gazing in awe at the evil Richard Nixon on tv, I should be able to. Just like I should be able to buy, or not buy, health insurance. Or buy, or not buy, food that is bad for me. Or cigarettes, etc.


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Comprehension, get some.

Prejudice, lose it.