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Wednesday, October 31,2012

Athens Voice 11-1-12

OU football: "I have a comment about the Ohio University football team: Overrated!"

Ohio's U.S. Senate race: Josh Mandel is the last person Ohioans want representing them in the U.S. Senate. He is a political opportunist who cares more about his own political career than the people he is supposed to represent. An excellent example of this is after only being the Ohio state treasurer for two years, he is running for the Senate. When elected state treasurer, he had no intention of being there for any more than two years and has done a very poor job… If you watched any of the debates between him and Sherrod Brown, the message is clear – he is very inexperienced, immature and one we don't need in Washington representing our great state."

Athens County treasurer race: "Does anyone else find it amazing and humorous that we have a Libertarian running for county treasurer? Only in Athens County!"

Athens County sheriff: "Since the sheriff has some trouble separating truth and fiction, I'd like to know how many of the awards he claims to have received are awards that sheriffs get just by being sheriffs, just for no particular good reason, that all the sheriffs get every year to make it look good."

Staples: "The other day I was grabbing a copy of The Athens NEWS. Out of habit, I found myself reaching deep into the stack to ensure that I had a completely intact copy of the newspaper. (You know, sometimes people read a paper, lose a page, and put back the paper with a missing page on top of the stack.) Afterwards, I realized that the new staples will prevent me from ever having to do this again."

Sheriff's Facebook page: "I posted on Pat Kelly's Facebook page last night, because he apparently doesn't have an email address (I couldn't find one), that I wanted an affirmative statement from him that he and his office would protect Athens Countians regardless of who we supported in the sheriff race and no matter how the race came out. When I went to check for a reply, it was DELETED, as Mr. Kelly does with most of posts unless they are adoring boot-licking posts. Mr. Kelly, no matter who I support, and I support Steve Kane, I am one of your constituents, my tax dollars pay your salary for now, which seems to be one of your major concerns, and you are accountable to me as well as all citizens of Athens County. I want to know if you are going to protect all Athens Countians or just those who support you…"

Sheriff's race (from Facebook): "At first, I had a problem with the way The Athens NEWS pointed out the negatives toward Sheriff Pat Kelly, but after reading the transcript, it has shattered my problem. I, personally, do not support either of the sheriffs (candidates). I know very little about Steve Kane to like him, and I know enough about Sheriff Pat Kelly to dislike him. However, I would be more comfortable to have a sheriff who will treat their citizens equally. I am shocked to read in the transcript that, according to Sheriff Pat Kelly, supporters of Steve Kane are automatically deemed as criminals. Granted, I like what Sheriff Pat Kelly has done for Athens County. I now feel a bit safe to walk the streets of The Plains because of the way he handles drug dealers. I thank him for that, but I'd like to feel safe at all times. I'd like to be seen as equal even if I were to support his opponent. I'd like to support whomever I please without being labeled by somebody who is suppose to make me, my family, and my community feel safe."

Sheriff's race (from Facebook): "Not trying to butt in or cause a problem but did you hear Sheriff Kelly say the things The Athens NEWS is saying he's talking about (from his recorded conversation with the Glouster police chief). The Athens NEWS is a Kane endorsement and has been very UNPROFESSIONAL in my eyes…. Running Pat Kelly down into the ground is very unprofessional. I honestly can't believe Pat Kelly would say something like that. Pat Kelly is the best sheriff that's been in Athens since I've lived here. So many things he's done for this county, and all the editor wants to do is pull out negative things. Come on, pull out the damn positives about him. What about all the drug busts that's been done, and all the cases solved…?

Sheriff's race: "I just want to say bravo to you at The Athens NEWS for reminding people what journalism can do when done effectively, in regards to Sheriff Kelly's conversation with Luke Mace. If people get offended when something goes against what they believe, even when truth is staring them in the face, then you're doing it right."

Commissioners' races: "I would like to urge everyone to vote for Larry Payne and Randy Mace for Athens County commissioner. We really need people in that office who have already proved they can handle public finances and not just OK every request that comes in. Times are hard right now and the county cannot afford to elect anyone who doesn't realize that they are spending hard-earned taxpayers' money. Both of these men have already proved they are up to the job."

Sheriff's race: "I am not a sex offender, I am not a drug dealer, I am not a pervert, and I do have a Kane sign in my yard, so please, Mr. Kelly, don't assume. Because you know what assuming does, and we know what you are. Thank you very much, and I appreciate (again) The Athens NEWS."


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