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Wednesday, September 19,2012

Letter writer misstated situation with Obama and auto bailout

Editor's note: When we ran the following letter in our Sept. 7 issue, it contained errors in the first paragraph. We have corrected those errors in this republication of the letter. Apologies. TS

To the Editor:

The information in Carol Costanzo's letter (The NEWS, Sept. 6) is totally wrong. The Republican Party cut the Obama stimulus package; we only got $700 million. The payout was cut from $600 for singles and $1,200 for couples, to $300 for singles and $600 for couples. Republicans changed that. Bain Capital destroyed jobs by buying up companies and firing all the help, and Romney pocketed the profits.

And many of General Motors' cars are made right here in the United States – their plants are all over the country, the new Chevy Spike is made entirely in the state of Ohio. If it weren't for President Obama saving the car companies, all our jobs would have gone down the tubes and unemployment would have skyrocketed.

GE has plants in the United States, and GM and GE did pay taxes in 2010.

The medical package Obama passed will help the people who don't have insurance; if Romney gets in, you can kiss it all goodbye. If he does away with Medicare in 2016, we will all be hurting – except for the very rich, like Romney. If Romney had any brains, he would make Congress put the $1 trillion they took out of Social Security back where it came from, and the program would be there forever instead of ending in 2026.

President Obama cares about the people of the U.S. Give him four more years and he will bring this mess to an end for the good of our country.

Dale W. Hoffman


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$1,000,000,000,000 in more debt and for two years democrats controlled both sides of congress and he can't get the job done? More people on food stamps & disability payments than in our history, higher unemployment & bankruptcy, $16 trillion deficit, Muslim world hates us even more (and he blames it on a video), China owns us, GM is flirting with bankruptcy again and still owes us millions, Wake up man, this mess is what he wants and he says "our plan is working", yeah working to destroy capitalism.

“The problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money”. M. Thatcher.