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Wednesday, August 22,2012

Goodbye quarters, hello semesters

Ohio University's approved academic calendar for 2011-12 through 2013-2014 is posted at, and reflects the transition from quarters to semesters beginning with fall semester 2012.

If you're an in-coming freshman this year, you'll be in the first class to experience OU on the semester schedule.

A shorter summer session this summer, featuring two sessions of four weeks each, was designed to help the transition to semesters this fall, according to an OU news release.

Highlights of the approved academic calendar include:

• Fall and spring semesters include 14 weeks of classes and one week for exams.

• Summer semesters run 14 weeks, with two sessions of seven weeks each.

• Fall semester start dates are the fourth Monday in August. Start dates are Aug. 27, 2012 and Aug. 26, 2013.

• Fall semester closes in mid-December, followed by a four-week break between fall and spring semesters. Close dates are Dec. 15, 2012 and Dec. 14, 2013.

• Thanksgiving break is Nov. 21-23.

• Spring semester opens in mid-January. Start dates are Jan. 14, 2013 and Jan. 13, 2014.

• Spring semester closes the first week of May. Close dates are May 4, 2013 and May 3, 2014.

• Spring break is the first week of March. Spring breaks are March 3-9, 2013 and March 2-8, 2014.

• The first class of the morning begins at 7:30 a.m.

In January 2010, Executive Vice President and Provost Pam Benoit announced that she had accepted the recommendation of the deans to adopt a semester calendar consisting of 14 weeks of instruction and one week of examinations. Within the same recommendation, the deans supported a three-day hiatus for Thanksgiving instead of a mid-term break, which would have lengthened fall semester, and a four-week break between semesters. The deans' consideration of a 14-week calendar was made at the behest of the Faculty Senate.

The OU Board of Trustees approved the university's transition from quarters to semesters in fall 2008. OU is one of 17 public universities and community colleges across the state converting to semesters in accordance with the University System of Ohio's (USO) strategic plan. Three private institutions are converting, as well. Each institution is responsible for determining its process and calendar for the transition. The consistency of academic terms will facilitate the attainment of USO goals, including enhancing the transfer process.


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