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Monday, July 9,2012

Athens Voice

A new Athens NEWS feature where you can say whatever you want

Athens Voice is a forum for you to tell us what's on your mind. Call the "Voice" at (740) 594-8219, ext. 10, or send an email to with the subject line "Athens Voice." In each issue, we will publish selected called-in or emailed "Voice" submissions, along with particularly interesting comments from our website or Facebook page.

Here's today's "Athens Voice" entries…

Homecoming parade route: "OK, I'll be one of the few alumni that supports this. It is pure and simply a safety issue. You can't ask the bars to not open (huge profit day for them) and you can't ask the students (and alumni) to not go. It just doesn't work…

"Last year, women were grabbed inappropriately; I saw a drunk fall on a toddler (yes, I also don't think families should go to that stretch of road, but there is nothing to stop t hem); kids were yelling USA at the international students; a girl jumped up on one of the floats and almost fell off; people were trying to grab the instruments out of the band's hands… Do you see a pattern?

"High school bands have stopped participating in the parade because of this. Is the university supposed to wait till someone falls into the street and gets run over? How bout if that toddler would have cracked his head open on the sidewalk? The few have ruined it for the many. Don't get pissed at OU; get pissed and regulate the people standing around you that are getting out of control.

Health-care reform: The problem with the bill is it does nothing to address the real problem. We need tort reform; we need help cutting unpaid medical expenses in the country (tied in with illegal immigration), outrageous drug costs, and frivolous lawsuits. What has been proposed is insurance reform, not health care. Granted, there are a bunch of things that need to be addressed in insurance but they are just a product of a bigger issue. This bill was put together too quickly, and filled with tons of unrelated BS."

Heat wave/power outage: "Mother Nature is evening the playing field in the climate-change debate this summer. On the one side, you have the coal, natural gas and oil industries drowning the air waves in pro-fossil-fuel commercials, and on the other, all of that propaganda disintegrates into dust as soon as a person looks at the weather forecast or walks out into temperatures more common in southern Arizona."

Heat wave/power outage: Is it true that the Athens County Fair Board is charging electric companies to park at the County Fairgrounds? If true, the board needs to go!"

Heat wave/power outage: "I just count my blessings I am not a poor woman trapped with sniffling, whiny, bored children tugging at her skirt and a baby with heat rash and no diapers left. No juice and little if any food and no power for even fans…"

Reply to anti-Obama letter: "Aww, I hadn't seen a James Yerian letter in a while; I thought the poor guy died. Glad to see you up and about grousing and making ridiculous statements! You remembered your right-wing keywords, good job. Socialism! Communism! FEAR! FEAR! FEAR!

"I daresay the fine people of France and Canada in particular would disagree with you about socialized medicine. - Snowville employee, proudly wearing my shirt."

Heat wave/power outage: "I just want to give a BIG SHOUT-OUT to all the crews working to restore power. On Tuesday, mine came back on! The day before, a pickup from a power company in South Carolina came and said they were doing 'damage assessment.' With all the frazzled citizens complaining to them, these gentlemen were polite, kind and understanding. You fellas are doing such a great job, under less-than-ideal conditions! Think about it… thick cloths and equipment, tools, etc. then working in 95 plus degree days, I can't says thanks, enough! Thanks again from a thankful AEP customer!"


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