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Sunday, May 13,2012

Local cult band bidding a fond farewell to Athens

By Bentley Weisel

Photo Caption: Mind Fish

What has become a local music craze over the past four years for the band Mind Fish is now coming to an end with a final show in Athens.

"A Farewell to Athens" will be held at the Union on Wednesday, May 16 at 9 p.m. and is free. Mind Fish will be playing with The Grove and The Lost Boys, two other bands from the area.

After releasing their first full-length album in January, the band has intentions of completing a second album over the next few months. This one, however, will be a Dropbox collaboration of each band member's talents with the help of their producer, Eddie Ashworth.

"Since we (Mind Fish) are all busy and going in different directions right now before we graduate and leave Athens, this was really the only way we could put together another album," Tartaglia said.

The album will draw inspiration from Tokyo Police Club, and ironically enough, The Postal Service, Tartaglia said.

"It is kind of a 21st century, technological version of what The Postal Service did in 2001," he said. "All of our albums have had different sounds and inspirations. This one will end up being more geared toward radio so it can be relevant for a broader demographic."

The band will be playing a compilation of older material and throwback songs to say goodbye to the place they have called home for the past four years, and to celebrate lead singer Dean Tartaglia's summer tour with his other band, The Sights.

The Sights, a Detroit garage band inspired group that has been around since 1999, will be opening for Tenacious D throughout the summer and Tartaglia will be playing the saxophone with them.

"We aren't breaking up as a band, we are just moving on to other things now," he said. "We got out start here in Athens and it will always be home for us."


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