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Tuesday, March 20,2012

House-sized rock drops into Athens driveway, wiping out car, damaging garage

No injuries reported in rock fall just to the north of uptown

By Terry Smith
Photo Credits: Dustin Franz
Photo Caption: Tim Pfaff stands in his front yard on Fort Street near uptown Athens Wednesday morning after being evacuated the night before due to a massive rock that came loose from a cliff across the street from his home, crushing his car and part of the garage.

A massive rock fell off a steep hillside just north of uptown Tuesday night, crushing one car and damaging another and the garage, neighbors reported. Nobody was injured, they said.

Christine Chandler Miles, who lives on Fort Street where the rock fell, said it came down at around 10 p.m. "Very loud crushing sounds blasted through the neighborhood," she said.

Miles also reported that power was out on the street in the hours after the rock dropped, and thought some families might not be able to return to their homes overnight Tuesday. That couldn't be confirmed early Wednesday.

She said the house-sized rock left a "huge, cave-like divot" in the hill.

Fort Street is a small neighborhood on the hillside just above the north dead-end of Court Street. The address of the house where the rock fell is 20 Fort St.

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Photo Credit:Photo by Dustin Franz. Photo Caption: Ohio University officer Steve Noftz talks to homeowner Diane Pfaff, right, the morning after a giant boulder came loose from an adjacent cliff and crushed her car and part or the garage. Pfaff and her husband Tim, along with other residents of Fort Street in Athens, were evacuated last night.

Miles first posted the photo on Facebook, where it quickly got attention.

No police report was available on the incident late Tuesday evening. Emergency crews had blocked off the street, concerned about any further rock slides or damage to utilities in the area.


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This is obviousely a result of fracking or prefracking.