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Wednesday, June 29,2011

If you're a rural landowner, please educate yourself about 'fracking'

To the Editor:

I am writing, as an Athens County resident and landowner of nearly 19 years, to express my ever-increasing concerns about hydraulic fracturing in this county, state, country and much-too soon state parks and forests.

I have researched this topic and believe that this practice is a very short-sighted, quasi-solution to our energy problems with very few positive contributions to this solution and a plethora of frightening outcomes.

I urge all area residents to become informed on this topic, speak with neighbors, visit the Buckeye Forest Council, Sierra Club and Ohio Department of Natural Resources websites, and most importantly, watch "Gasland," the award-winning documentary about this practice.

If, as a landowner, you choose to sign a lease with a gas and oil production company, please consult an attorney prior to signing to ensure that your property rights, your clean water and your quality of life, as well as that of your neighbors, are safeguarded. Additionally, it is of utmost importance to consult with any mortgage lender and property insurance carrier prior to signing to ensure that your signing does not violate the terms of your mortgage, resulting in default, or your insurance policy, resulting in cancellation or a prohibitively high increase in your premiums.

A number of local citizens are discussing ways to address city and township officials to protect all residents and keep our water and air safe to drink and breathe. Please educate yourselves about these issues, talk to neighbors and local officials, and work to keep Ohio clean.

Cate Matisi
New England Road


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If you want to help raise awareness about the dangers of fracking, AND see a lot of patriotic citizens having a good time together, please join us in the Athens 4th of July parade on Monday morning!  You can walk, bicycle, or use other clean-energy means to propel yourself through the parade.  Please meet at Memorial Auditorium before the start of the parade, which is 9:30 am.  Hope to see you there!  



Just exactly what type of research did you do?  You saw "Gasland" which is so full of errors it leaks like a sieve starting from the very beginning when they state that under the 2005 law (Which Obama voted for)  is exempt from Clean Water Act, the Clean Air Act, the Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA), the Superfund Law, and about a dozen other environmental and democratic regulations.”  This is a total falsehood as the fracking industry and the oil industry are regulated by all of these laws and more. Gasland also fails to mention that fracking was first used in 1949 and has now been used over 2 million times without a single documented case of polluted aquifier.  Obama's director of the EPA and a fracking opponent who spent 34 million investigating fracking in 2 seperate studies, Lisa Jackson, recently testified to congress that she had not found even one single case of pollution caused by fracking.  Gasland also lies when it says fracking companies inject unknown chemicals into the water supplies.  Number one the chemicals are never injected into the aquifier and two, every single chemical on site of any drilling or fracking site must list every single dangerous chemical that is held on site whether it is actually injected into a well or not.  This is monitored by the states, hazmat and the EPA.  The lying filmmaker goes on to make other outragious claims, unsupported by the facts.  Such as there are 596 chemicals pumped into the ground.  The actual count is usually 76 and most of the chemicals they use, which makes up only 1/2 of 1% of what is pumped into the well (the other 99.5% is water and sand) can be found under every sink in America.  And in fact many wells now use compressed air in place of chemicals.  The filmmaker also asserted that fracking in Wyoming is done directly in the path of migrating pronghorn antelopes which are on the endangered species list.  The truth is there are only 3 endangered species of pronghorn antelopes and none of the 3   are anywhere close to the fracking sites.  Fox (the filmmaker) also claimed that in Pa, the DEP either laid off or reduced hours for 700 people.  FALSE!!!!  The DEP under democrat Ed Rendell actually increased staff by 68 workers.  Another ridiculous claim made by Gasland id the story of the 56 km stretch of Dunkard Creek had dead fish all through it.  That there were dead fish is true by the charge that fracking caused it isn't.  The DEP found it was caused by algea bloom caused by a local coal mine. (Ironically, fracking will make it possible to retire the use of coal forever) Therefore your "research" is so flawed as to become laughable.  Gasland is as accurate as An Inconvenient Truth or any film by Moore. 

You also make the ludicrous claim that fracking has few if any positive outcomes.  To be fair I will write that statement off as a lack of knowledge.  The truth is we can replace every coal fire electricity generation plants and every single new car built with natural gas.  We have enough proven reserves to carry this country for the next 75 years.  The main benefit of doing this is would be a 25% reduction in emmissions of greenhouse gases.  You don't consider these benefits?

So why are so many opposed to fracking?  The loony liberal left has invested much capital in wind and solar power, but without very large government subsidies, all of them would fail.  Cheap, clean natural gas would be a real threat to them.  So in conclusion, I find your post, like all antifracking posts to be full of mischaracterations and outright lies.  Not that I am accusing you of lying, but just being so gullible to believe a movie without actually checking your facts.