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Sunday, May 1,2011

Proposed bus fee would fund unlimited rides

By Aundrea Bentley
Ohio University Student Senate Wednesday night discussed a new option that may soon be made available to students, allowing them to pay $10 per quarter to have unlimited bus rides on the city bus system.
The program was proposed by a city of Athens transportation committee to allow the system to expand and improve with the extra income, senators said.

"I think this would be really helpful to international students, but really all students would benefit," said Bradley Evans, off-campus life commissioner for Student Senate.

The unlimited bus rides, for example, would allow students to get from uptown to East State Street to get groceries and other necessary items for $30 for the entire year. Currently, bus passes are $160 for a year and $1.50 for each individual ride.

"I would definitely take advantage of this if it were an option," said Liz Herron, an at-large senator. "Gas is getting expensive, so this would be a great option to have."

Many student senators said that they would only support the fee if it were something that students could opt in or out of, similar to the legal fee and wellbeing plans currently offered to students on their quarterly e-bills.

Evans said that the money generated from this program likely would be used to expand hours for the bus system.


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a most excellent idea indeed !!!  however, the athens city mini buses has one severe problem ...loud and shaky windows that are truly horrible when they go across the ancient brick streets downtown, they only need a simple rubber gasket seal to keep them quiet and if the city would provide those i am certainly willing to give them free labour in regard to installing the quiet seals on all the noisey bus windows.