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Thursday, April 21,2011

Guidelines for Letters to the Editor

Send them to:

Deadlines for letters are noon on Tuesday for Thursday's edition, and noon on Friday for Monday's edition. Sometimes we will consider late letters if we know ahead of time when the letter will arrive and how much space it will require. Remember, send them to

Read on for other information about submitting letters:
• Letters should be 400 words or shorter. Longer letters can be considered as Reader's Forums, but must include a very brief blurb identifying the author.

• All letters should include the author's name, address, phone number and email address (when applicable) for verification purposes. When we print the letter, we will include the author's name, street name, and town/city name.

• We reserve the right to edit and/or reject all letters.

• We do not accept "thank-you" letters unless the thanks that's being expressed is incidental to the main content that involves some issue of general public interest.

• We prefer letters sent via email with a Microsoft Word (or RTF) attachment. If you have a computer and Internet access, don't print out your letter and send us a hard copy. Email it.

• We will accept typed or legible hand-written letters that are dropped off, mailed or faxed (and can be verified), but again, if you have access to a computer and Internet connection, send them by email.

• Always include your identifying information at the end of the text of your letter.

• We give preference to letters that address issues of public interest, and that have been submitted to our publication alone, or at least first.

• We do not publish anonymous letters.


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