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Monday, February 14,2011

OU Student Lands White House Internship

By Aundrea Bentley

Photo Caption: OU junior Mylan Cannon will intern at the White House.
Ohio University junior Mylan Cannon is one of six students from Ohio who were accepted to intern at the White House for the spring 2011 program, which began winter quarter.

A photojournalism and French major, Cannon is interning in the White House Photo Office, which is responsible for documenting the presidency.

“I was very interested in the idea of an internship that focused on service and leadership, and I thought that if I was granted this internship, I would gain a whole new perspective on the way photojournalism and video is used to communicate to an entire nation,” said Cannon via email. “Not to mention, I felt this internship would be like none other in the realm of photojournalism.”

Jenn Poggi, an OU alum and current editor in the White House Photo Office, informed Cannon of the position and suggested he apply.

“Professors in the school of Visual Communications, like Sam Girton and Stan Alost, have been a great support and resource for me,” said Cannon. “The great thing about OU is that you always have the opportunity to learn on your own outside the classroom.”

Co-founder and director of The Essay, an online magazine produced by OU students, Cannon said that he gained much knowledge about what it takes to make projects run smoothly.

“I learned how important it is to have a strong support system for photographers and videographers, and that is what I am a part of here at the White House,” said Cannon.

An internship at the White House is no easy task.

“Interns help with photographing open press events, editing photos, maintaining the photo database, and assisting with various logistical and administrative tasks,” said Cannon.

Working with experienced professionals in the Photo Office provides many benefits, according to Cannon.

“I hope that some of the amazing talent and abilities of the photographers, editors and the videographer rubs off on me,” he said. “Every day I’m inspired by them.”

Although Cannon has not even taken a political-science course at OU, he said that he has learned much from those who have.

“A lot of the other interns come from a political education or campaigning background; even the other intern in the photo office studies government,” said Cannon. “So it is really great to be around people like that because I learn new things from them.”

Cannon admits that the experience will look impressive on a resume, but he said that his reasons for applying for the position were much more than that.

“I’m definitely not of the mindset of doing things because of that [to look good on a resume],” said Cannon. “I really believe I will gain a ton from this experience and be better prepared to give back to my community because of it. There is no photo or video class that could possibly give me the depth of education that I’m now gaining here.”


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