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Wednesday, April 29,2009

Student dies of injuries after falling from fourth floor of S. Green dorm

By Athens NEWS Staff
An Ohio University student reportedly died at Grant Medical Center yesterday afternoon, after falling from a fourth-floor dormitory window the night before.

Ohio University Police are investigating the accident that led to the death of student Eric S. Hansen, 20, of Seven Hills, Ohio, who is believed to have fallen from a fourth-floor window of Weld House on the New South Green.

Officers were called to the scene shortly before midnight Tuesday, a dispatcher reported, and found Hansen on the ground outside the dormitory.

The student was taken by ambulance to O'Bleness Memorial Hospital, and then transported to Grant, where he was reportedly in critical condition in an intensive care unit yesterday, until he died shortly after 1:30 p.m.

In the OU Directory, Eric S. Hansen is listed as living in room 416 of a South Green residence hall.


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Word around campus is that he was tripping on "shrooms". RIP.


I grew up with Eric. I heard the rumor as well - However - If he was doing drugs, it was his first time. Eric was an amazing, talented, funny, straight forward guy who would have never messed up his life on purpose. He was obviously experimenting and it kills me to know that the good ones are the ones that suffer.


I am not sure why everyone is focusing on the shrooms rumor of this story. Regardless if Eric was using shrooms for the first time, the third time, the 80th time, it still does not take away from the person that he was! He was a great guy who was always smiling and never had a mean thing to say. Why should people's image of him change just because he may have been on shrooms? College kids experiment with drugs. Whether or not Eric was taking mushrooms, the window just fell out from behind him, or any other crazy incident that could have happened that day, we should all remember Eric the same and that is for all the good that he implanted in this world and all the happiness that he brought to the people he saw each day. Let's not focus on the "mistakes" that people may have made, but focus more on the lasting impact that Eric has left in our hearts.



There have been, and probably always will be certain urban legends around drugs such as shrooms and other psychedelics. These rumors about psilocybin being the cause of the young man to leap from a window is another example. A similar story became popular over a year ago in Amsterdam when a drunk girl fell from a bridge and died while drunk and under the influence of shrooms. That incident led to a ban of selling magic mushrooms in shops (but not enforced).
It's a misconception that popular phenethylamines (mescaline) and tryptamines (lsd, psilocybin etc) commonly lead to this behavior. While not trivializing the profound effects psilocybin delivers, doing crazy, irrational things under the influence of this compound isn't a typical side effect. We have alcohol for that. In short, the walls may be melting, but you can still have a perfectly straightforward conversation and make logical judgments while under a heavy dose of psilocybin. Unfairly labeled "psychedelics" such as phencyclidine and ketamine are not ht2a receptor agonists such as psilocybin and lsd, but rather dissociative drugs affecting NMDA receptor antagonists. Dissociatives can produce a feeling of being "pulled" and not having any control over it. (Anyone who has ever smoked salvia divinorum is nodding their heads right now.)
In any case, this is like blaming violence in schools on Mortal Kombat or saying Hurricanes destroy towns because God happened to be mad at gay people that day.
For some interesting reading, check out John Hopkins University's psilocybin research project. Rumors like this really undermine what we know about effects of shrooms.


I will pray for his family and friends.