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Monday, April 27,2009

The mission of Planned Parenthood of Southeast Ohio

By Athens NEWS Web Editor

The mission of Planned Parenthood of Southeast Ohio is to make every child a wanted child by:

Providing confidential reproductive and complementary health care for women, men and teens;

Offering education that enhances each person's ability to make responsible reproductive health decisions;

Advocating public policies that support comprehensive reproductive health education and guarantee the rights and access of each individual to complete and confidential reproductive health services.

Core Principles

Reproductive Freedom

We believe every individual has the fundamental right and responsibility to manage his or her fertility. We believe the decision to bring a child into the world should be a conscious decision which will assure that every child is wanted.

Right to Services

We believe all people have the right to nondiscriminatory and confidential access to a full range of reproductive health-care services. Access should not be limited by income, age, race or lack of information.

Right to Privacy

We believe reproductive decisions are private and confidential. We treat our patients in a dignified manner that is respectful of their right to privacy.

Adolescent Services

We believe adolescents should have access to information about sexuality and reproductive health-care services. Adolescents should be encouraged to talk to their families about reproductive health, contraception, abortion, or sexually transmitted infections, and, when possible, involve parents or other responsible and concerned adults in their decision-making.
We believe women must have the right to obtain medically safe, legal abortions under dignified conditions and at a reasonable rate.

Responsible Sex Education

We believe all teens and adults in the community need honest, factual information to make responsible decisions. Responsible sex education helps reduce high rates of unplanned pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections, including HIV.

Governmental Funding

We believe governmental funding should continue to assure access to reproductive health-care services for America's most vulnerable population: families and individuals with low incomes and young people.


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