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Sunny day, sunny crowd, muddy grounds

#Masses enjoy the music and sunshine

By Evan Peter Smith

More than anything, the mud stole the show. The annual Number Fest (aka #Fest) kicked off its 12th iteration on a sunny, warm Saturday near Athens, drawing in huge crowds to the music festival's

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Stuart's performer has been growing up in public

Stuart's Opera House in Nelsonville welcomes Caroline Smith this Tuesday at 8 p.m. for a special backstage show.

Local NEWS

Benefit to light up mental health issue

By Alexander Card

The Gathering Place will shed some light on mental health awareness this Friday, April 18, with the Athens facility's Community Illumination benefit.

Local NEWS

Smith sworn in, discusses planned changes

Some run afoul of suspended Sheriff Kelly

by Jim Phillips

Rodney Smith, who had already been serving as Athens County's acting interim sheriff since shortly after his appointment by the county commissioners March 27, took a slight step up in rank Wednesday, when he was sworn in as interim replacement sheriff.

Athens Voice

Athens Voice 4-14-14

More on that pesky old, pretty freking awesome Ridges buildings. What the heck are cat condoms? What the heck ya talkin' 'bout? What the heck ya mean? Mill Street parking. OU and how it spends its money. Suspended Pat Kelly, of course. Baby boomers, you're so in love with yourselves. And a little more Kelly, of course. This is your voice, Athens, cherish it.

Local NEWS

Body in creek ID'd as that of Cincinnati-area hiker

The Athens County Sheriff's Office has released the identity of the man whose body was found in a creek off U.S. Rt. 50 Thursday afternoon.

Local NEWS

Sheriff's office has a new Facebook page

After years in which now-suspended Athens County Sheriff Pat Kelly used Facebook as his preferred method to communicate with the public, the Sheriff's Office – now under new interim management – has rolled out a new official Facebook page.

Local NEWS

Second man arrested for allegedly having sex with 13-year-old

by Jim Phillips

A second man accused of having had sex with a juvenile girl at a party in Glouster late last year has been arrested and is due in court today (Tuesday).

Local NEWS

Trimble grad, current Perry principal, becomes new Trimble superintendent

By Fred Kight

A high school principal in Perry County is expected to be the new superintendent of the Trimble Local School District. Scott Christman's formal hiring is on the agenda for a school board meeting

The View from Mudsock Heights

Contemplating the buggy aliens invading our living spaces

by Dennis Powell

Surely by now you know the bugs are going to win. No, I'm not talking about bugs such as the one in the OpenSSL library discovered a week ago, the one called "Heartbleed" that put at risk anything that can be found on the Internet that you'd like to keep private, though bugs such as that one are probably going to win, too.

Local NEWS

Defense wants charges dismissed in child rape case

Claims pertinent law should be voided for vagueness

by Jim Phillips

In a bold legal move, the Ohio Public Defender's office is asking a judge to dismiss two counts of rape against a 37-year-old woman who's accused of having sex with a 10-year-old girl.


From Kabul to Cairo, the killing of journalists continues

Breaking the Sound Barrier

By Amy Goodman

Journalism is not a crime. This is the rallying cry in demanding the release of four Al-Jazeera journalists imprisoned in Egypt. Three of them - Peter Greste, Mohamed Fahmy and Baher Mohamed - have just passed their 100th day of incarceration. The fourth, Abdullah al-Shami, has been in jail for more than six months.

Local NEWS

Congressman says balanced fed budget would fix country's economic woes

by David DeWitt

Congressman Steve Stivers wants a balanced budget amendment for the federal government, and advocated for a U.S. Constitutional convention when he called for the amendment during the Athens

Campus NEWS

OU's Schoonover project generates another contractor lawsuit

by Jim Phillips

The repeatedly delayed renovation project that turned Ohio University's old Baker student center building into the new home of the Scripps College of Communication has spawned another law


Warning: Boeing eliminates pensions; a lesson for you

By Alan J. McMillan

About a month ago the aerospace giant Boeing, announced that it was ending its defined benefits program (pension) and moving to a defined contributions program (think a 401k or similar). Two generations ago, pensions were common for American workers.

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Prosecution says it's protecting someone in sheriff's court case

The Ohio Attorney General's office has told the judge who is hearing suspended Sheriff Pat Kelly's criminal case that it's withholding some evidence, out of concern that releasing it would endanger someone connected to the case.

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Judge knocks down restitution amount in student-on-student assault

by Jim Phillips

A judge has lowered by more than $2,500 the amount of restitution a former Ohio University student athlete must pay to the fellow student he injured in an unprovoked attack in June 2012.

Readers Forum

Don’t despair over climate change; we have options

By William Beale

Ahem, pardon me for interrupting your celebrations of the end of winter, but have you noticed, along with the record heat waves in Alaska and Australia, that the most recent report from the U.N. climate-change group says that for sure, the world is gaining speed toward the climate cliff, and unless it slows down RIGHT NOW, we are all gonna zip right off the edge and Aheeeee…...

Local NEWS

Missing man's family steps up search effort

The family of an Athens man who has been missing since mid-March is mounting a renewed effort to find him, including the creation of a Facebook page.

The hoosegow cash cow

Private prisons requiring incarceration rates near 100 percent

Moral Hazard

With 5 percent of the world's population, the U.S. of A. has nearly a quarter of the world's prisoners.

America already has the highest incarceration rate of any country in the world. (We're No. 1! We're No. 1!) The U.S. prison population is more than 2.4 million and has more than quadrupled since 1980.


Tuesday 15 by daviddewitt
Local NEWS

Police waiting to release ID of body found in creek

Unlikely to be missing Athens man

Early Thursday afternoon, the body of a young man was pulled from a creek off U.S. Rt. 50, though it appears that it may not be that of a young man reported as having gone missing from his

Local NEWS

City ready to accept UE roads into city, finally

Mayor describes history of development as 'gory'

by David DeWitt

Athens is preparing to accept a number of roads in the University Estates development into the city, thus allowing for city road maintenance after the completion of an agreement with residents to upgrade the roads to city standards.


Former Obama officials think fracking is great; so should you

To the Editor:

It is time to get fracking here in Ohio. Former Obama Secretary of Interior Ken Salazar this past February said that hydraulic fracturing is safe, and it is important for "the energy industry (to) work to convince the public that it doesn't pose a safety threat."

Local NEWS

Athens Police investigate stabbing

Athens Police are investigating a reported stabbing that took place early Sunday morning, on East State Street near uptown.

Local NEWS

Another big road upgrade in the works

Another major roadway construction project in Athens is being planned, with City Council partnering with some property owners on Richland Avenue in anticipation of massive roadwork there but struggling to come to terms with others.

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Arts and Entertainment

Latest Athens film fest to offer another cinematic smorgasbord

The 2014 Athens International Film & Video Festival comes into full swing April 11-17 at the Athena Cinema.