Local NEWS

T-shirt shop owner evicted after pungent dispute

by Conor Morris

Ski's Teases and Collectibles at 55 N. Court St. in uptown Athens is no longer in business after business-owner/landlord tensions boiled over last month due to a recurring sewage issue.

Nelsonville Music Fest

Merle Haggard will sing me back home on Sunday

by Terry Smith

My involvement in Merle Haggard's music goes back to the early '70s, in my late teen years, and encompasses a sweeping range of attitude, from fierce dislike in the earliest years to unparalleled respect and appreciation the whole rest of the time.

Campus NEWS

More Bobcats than ever

OU looks on track to break enrollment record... again

by Conor Morris

Ohio University is again on track for another record year of enrollment at its Athens campus: last Friday (May 15), OU set a new institutional record for freshman applications it has received.

Arts and Entertainment

Exhibit presents variety of world-class art quilts

By Tess Stevens

Quilting as an art form dates back as far as ancient Egypt, but is at its finest at the Quilt National exhibition hosted by the Dairy Barn Arts Center in Athens. The event, showcasing only the finest, most creative nationally recognized artists, kicked off Friday, May 23 and runs until Sept. 7.

Local NEWS

Hocking LGBT group fights rash of discrimination

by David DeWitt

Multiple incidents of discrimination against members of the LGBT community at Hocking College recently prompted a letter to the Board of Trustees and a meeting with the college president. 

Athens Voice

Athens Voice 5-25-15

What happened to the big number fest story? Recycle until your fingers bleed! The Robin Hood of graffiti. Taking flowers from the cemetery. The sexy anti-fracking crusade. This is your voice, Athens. Cherish it, or we'll send some sexy anti-frackers to crusade you.

Local NEWS

County drug unit busts major pot grow-op near Nelsonville

The Athens County Major Crimes Unit reportedly discovered a large-scale marijuana grow operation in a Nelsonville area residence last week while helping to locate a person with an active warrant out.

Local NEWS

Athens school supe to retire; no action taken in connection with imprisoned teacher

Associate superintendent will take over leadership of school district

by Conor Morris

Athens City School Supt. Carl Martin will retire from that position once his contract expires on July 31, and current Associate Supt. Tom Gibbs will take his place, the School Board announced last Thursday (May 21).

Nelsonville Music Fest

Nelsonville Music Fest perfect for the season & setting

Top-notch lineup fills four days with music, good vibes

By Tess Stevens

Summertime reminds us all of signature moments. We picture cold beer, good friends and beautiful warm nights. In the Athens area, Strouds Run State Park and other state parks give us lazy beach days and breathtaking scenery. 

Nelsonville Music Fest

Teen bands add shot of youth to NMF

By Fred Kight

With the Flaming Lips, Merle Haggard, St. Vincent, and Brandi Carlile scheduled to play, the 2015 Nelsonville Music Festival certainly has snagged some big name acts. 

Nelsonville Music Fest

Local bands ready to rock the 2015 NMF

Schedule is packed with the best music Athens County has to offer

By Spencer Reichley

The Nelsonville Music Festival is coming upon us quickly, and everyone is buzzing about the headliners and some of the bigger names coming through. While we as a community are excited for these big-time bands and solo acts to play, some favorite local acts are featured as well.

The View from Mudsock Heights

Do we know how to build roads, or what? A: What

by Dennis Powell

The original "Top Gear" program, the one on BBC, used to have from time to time automotive torture tests in which the hosts would drive over a cobblestone road to see whether the cars lost parts and whether the hosts themselves survived unscathed. The cars did and the hosts didn't.

Campus NEWS

On Court Street 5-25-25

In this week's On Court Street, we ask, "If you could live anyplace in the world (outside the U.S.), where would that place be?"

Nelsonville Music Fest

Ohio’s finest family band

Good English’s Rasmussen sisters play NMF 2015

By Leo DeLuca

Chemistry has never been an issue for Good English's Rasmussen sisters. While teenagers, the Dayton-based independent rock trio built a steady Southwest Ohio following. With an ever-expanding fan-base, the band is now headed to the 2015 Nelsonville Music Festival.


Kudos to forward-looking zoning board members who voted yes

To the Editor:

I would like to applaud the three Board of Zoning Appeals members who voted for the necessary variances needed to allow the Union Street businesses to rebuild. Without their help, the owners could not justify putting that amount of money into the project.

Local NEWS

Police Report Follies: Tales from Athens County

Part 3

by David DeWitt

The late Fred Rogers once invoked us to imagine what our neighborhoods would be like if each of us offered, as a matter of course, just one kind word to another person.

Nelsonville Music Fest

There’s a way out

Adam Torres reissues ‘Nostra Nova,’ plays NMF 2015

By Leo DeLuca

Adam Torres's "Nostra Nova" was recently reissued on LP to wide critical acclaim – The Onion A.V. Club calling it a "cult classic." His 2006 folk-rock masterwork is now being celebrated by a national tour and a stop at the 2015 Nelsonville Music Festival.

Local NEWS

Athens Foundation awards wide variety of local grants

Fifteen organizations received funding from the Athens Foundation at their recent spring luncheon, and three additional organizations received grants from the Child Conservation League Fund of the Athens Foundation, according to a news release.


North Korea: Should we worry?

by Gwynne Dyer

Early this month North Korea claimed to have launched a ballistic missile from a submerged submarine. Yesterday it announced that it can now make nuclear warheads small enough to fit on a missile. If both those claims are true, it can now deliver a nuclear weapon on the United States, at least in theory, but there is always some doubt about North Korean claims.


An act of protest, not sabotage, at birthplace of the bomb

Breaking the Sound Barrier

By Amy Goodman

There is a vast military complex deep in the hills of eastern Tennessee called "Y-12." This is where all of the highly enriched uranium is produced and stored for the production of the U.S. nuclear-warhead arsenal. 

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