Local NEWS

The dog whisperers of SEPTA

Inmates at local facility work with foster dogs

by Conor Morris

At the SEPTA center, a Nelsonville community-based correctional facility, the 102 inmates - all adult-male non-violent felony offenders - live with three shelter dogs waiting for adoption. The inmates teach the animals to sit, or to catch a Frisbee, while they take care of every aspect of their existence, from food, to playtime, to administering medicine.

Campus NEWS

OU pond gets full dredging makeover

Removal of sediment will allow pond to return to original depth, clarity

By Kaleb Carter

The product of nearly two weeks of dredging (scraping off and removing silt and muck off the bottom of Emeriti Park pond) sits in two huge bags situated between the Ohio University's Ping Center and the new Walter Fieldhouse along South Green Drive.

Local NEWS

Ex-Detroit cop allegedly at top of drug ring

Former supplier for Glouster-based drug ring caught in Atlanta airport

by David DeWitt

A former Detroit police officer has been arrested and indicted for first-degree felony racketeering after the bust of a Glouster-based drug ring in Athens County led back to him as the supplier. 

Sports NEWS

NFL rosters filled with former Bobcats – for now

With the start of NFL training camps underway across the country, Ohio University football has 10 former Bobcats listed on NFL rosters, according to a news release from Ohio Athletics.

Local NEWS

New laws allow Nelsonville to cite trashy or loud homes

By Fred Kight

Most people who live in Nelsonville are good neighbors who mind their manners and keep their grass cut and lawns neat and clean. Some others, not so much, and they are the reason Nelsonville City Council adopted two ordinances Monday evening.

Wearing Thin

Am I outraged about the planned East State interchange? Not so much

by Terry Smith

When it comes to matters involving streets and traffic, everybody seems to be an expert. Not just an expert, but the sort of snooty, dismissive know-it-all who ridicules and dismisses anyone else who might have a differing opinion, even if that person actually is an expert.

Local NEWS

Prosecutor fills in details of ‘drug kingpin’ arrest

by David DeWitt

The takedown of a local prescription pill ring and its Detroit-area supplier has crippled the painkiller drug supply chain that had generated around $3 million in profits, Athens County Prosecutor Keller Blackburn asserted on Tuesday.

Athens Voice

Athens Voice 7-31-14

Hurray for the attendant at the Recycling Center! A grandstanding county prosecutor? Just say No to Hazing. No stinkin' apologies necessary. It's just about time for the Athens County Fair, and funnel cake! Why-oh-why-oh-why-oh, did I ever leave Ohio? That's a 'spensive roof! Barking dogs, ugh, again. This never dies. Rejoice! Just, y'know, because. This is your voice, Athens, cherish it.

Local NEWS

Big water line bursts, floods west-side street

A main waterline burst on Athens West Side Monday afternoon, closing West State Street and creating an emergency for city workers.

Campus NEWS

OU files objection to ruling in student broken-thumb suit

by David DeWitt

Ohio University has filed an objection to an Ohio Court of Claims magistrate's decision to award a former student $22,554 after she sued claiming that a campus police officer broke her thumb during a drunken-driving arrest.

Local NEWS

City Council paves way for northwest-side brewery

by Conor Morris

Athens City Council unanimously approved ordinances for the annexation and B3 business zone designation of a property on Armitage Road at a special session Monday after a public hearing. The 2.2-acre site likely will be the site of Athens' latest microbrewery.


It’s a mystery why Rep. Johnson voted no on reducing prez power

To the Editor:

Last Friday, our elected representative to the U.S. House, Bill Johnson, voted against a bill to recover his own authority to deploy troops in Iraq. Since 2001, the authority to deploy troops has been invested in the president by the law enacted at that time.

Local NEWS

Local CEOs talk about regional opportunity

Appalachian Regional Commission policy event in Athens

by Conor Morris

The Appalachian Regional Commission (ARC) held a two-day policy development meeting in Athens earlier this week. Tuesday morning during the event, three local CEOs and an area mayor spoke at the Ohio University Innovation Center on how to build opportunities in emerging regional business sectors.

Local NEWS

Man takes plea in case involving sex with girl, 13

by David DeWitt

One of two men indicted for having had sex with a juvenile girl at a party in Glouster late last year has taken a plea agreement and is awaiting sentencing.

Campus NEWS

Ohio University's top salaries in 2014-2015

Basketball, football coaches lead the way

by Conor Morris

Ohio University has compiled a list for the academic year 2014-2015 salaries of all of its administrative and classified employees. Of 1,449 people employed in administration or research positions at

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