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Heroin a growing menace in SE Ohio

Addicts gravitate from prescription pills to heroin

by David DeWitt

Fifteen years ago, heroin use in southeast Ohio and Athens County was almost non-existent.

"We sometimes would go a year without seeing a single heroin addict," said Health Recovery Services Executive Director Dr. Joe Gay on Tuesday. "We now have so many heroin addicts that I no longer publicly give the number because it's so high."

Local NEWS

Regional event celebrates Buckeye Trail

By Fred Kight

Hiking enthusiasts from all over Ohio are coming to southeast Ohio this week, and two Athens County men are leading the effort to make them feel welcome and keep them busy.

The View from Mudsock Heights

When you meet a mythic figure, fame falls into perspective

by Dennis Powell

It may seem like a silly question, but maybe it's not: Has our cult of celebrity screwed us up, and perhaps screwed up our celebrities, too?

Campus NEWS

Study: Some OU athletes would earn six figures if paid fairly

by Jim Phillips

The notion of paying collegiate athletes for their work on the field has been much in the air of late. 

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Body in river ID'd as missing Athens man

As feared, the body pulled from the Hocking River Monday afternoon has been identified by Athens Police as that of a 21-year-old Athens man who disappeared from his home last month. 

Athens Voice

Athens Voice 4-21-14

A funny thing happened on the way to the Number Fest. Stalkers and road rage on East State Street: Get a room you two. Riding in the back of a pick-up truck, a hitchhiker's guide to unlicensed taxis. Loud music and pacemakers. Driving through neighbors' lawns. And I take your community donation and raise you a ha ha, neener neener. This is your voice, Athens, cherish it.

Campus NEWS

Pics from the International Street Fair

Link to our photo gallery for the International Street Fair, which enjoyed fair weather and a good crowd. This was despite being scheduled during Easter weekend when a many, if not most, Ohio University students go home to see family. Photos by Eli Hiller.

Local NEWS

Student being questioned in connection with bomb scare

Sheriff says all students safe

A female student is being questioned in connection with a bomb scare at the Athens High School in The Plains this morning (Monday).

Local NEWS

Police report missing teen found safe

Athens Police confirmed around 12:30 today (Monday) that a missing 16-year-old boy had returned to his Athens home, who had gone missing Saturday.

Local NEWS

School official wonders why health clinic got county help

Holzer wants exemption for property taxes

by Jim Phillips

In 2011, the Athens County Commissioners gave their needed approval to a Gallia County bond issue for the non-profit Holzer Health System, revenue from which allowed the purchase of a number of health-care facilities in a merger, and the retirement of some old debt.


Is 80 the new 65? Don’t follow previous generation

By Alan J. McMillan

Thirty-four percent of middle-class Americans say they will have to work until they are 80 in order to have enough to retire and maintain their lifestyle." That is up from 25 percent in 2011 and 30 percent in 2012, according to this year's Wells Fargo Middle Class Retirement study. The closer the Baby Boom gets to retirement, the more vivid the bleak the picture becomes.

Local NEWS

Prosecutor to introduce 'Community Justice' initiative tonight

Athens County Prosecutor Keller Blackburn will be rolling out his new "Community Justice" initiative at a public meeting at the Athens Community Center this evening (Monday).

Campus NEWS

Event spotlights sex abuse of boys

By Christian Law

WOUB Public Media and the Scripps College of Communication hosted a screening of the documentary "Boys and Men Healing" Thursday night in Athens, working to raise awareness of the frequent incidence of male child sexual abuse.


Ukraine stupidity in action

by Gwynne Dyer

It's all too easy to imagine the high-level meeting in Kiev where the Ukrainian government decided on its next move. It probably sounded a bit like this: "Very well, gentlemen, we are agreed on our strategy for dealing with the Russians. First we will figure out exactly what they are trying to force us to do. And then we'll do it."

Local NEWS

Athens County to compete in energy contest

After talking so much talk, Athens County is ready to walk the walk and find out where it stacks up on energy by competing for the Georgetown University Energy Prize.

OOOOk-lahoma, where kicks in the gut for the working poor come sweepin' down the plain

And nothing makes that kind of wheat smell sweet

Moral Hazard

The minimum wage debate seems to be once again raging.

Oklahoma, in what I can only believe was a fit of violent dementia, decided it would be a good idea to outright ban raising the minimum wage.


Tuesday 22 by daviddewitt
Campus NEWS

OU gets $50,000 state grant to make 3-D software for planes

Ohio University has received $50,000 from the Ohio Third Frontier Commission to develop 3-D visualization software that will improve the development and design of new aircraft.

Prosecution wants alleged victim in child rape case to testify via closed-circuit TV

The Athens County Prosecutor's Office has asked a judge to allow the alleged child victim in a rape case to testify via closed-circuit television.

Local NEWS

Benefit race will help those without medical insurance

Help is on the way for area patients without the resources and insurance coverage to pay medical-related expenses. OhioHealth O'Bleness Hospital is organizing a Race for a Reason team to kick off a new Patient Assistance Fund to aid the underserved.


The grand American tradition of violent white supremacy

Breaking the Sound Barrier

By Amy Goodman

Another U.S. shooting spree has left bullet-riddled bodies in its wake, and refocused attention on violent, right-wing extremists. Frazier Glenn Miller, a former leader of a wing of the Ku Klux Klan, is accused of killing three people outside two Jewish community centers outside Kansas City, Mo.

Local NEWS

Consultant: Electric pooling plan already bringing prices down

by David DeWitt

The consultant hired by Athens County to help implement electricity aggregation said last week that private electrical suppliers are calling residents to offer cheaper rates individually in anticipation of the county pooling together to negotiate cheaper rates as a group.

Local NEWS

Top city safety official calls Number Fest unsafe

Says huge festival must change or else

by David DeWitt

The top safety official for the city of Athens has called the future of Number Fest into question following serious safety and sanitation concerns stemming from Saturday's event.

Arts and Entertainment

Pop culture confab set for Saturday

ARTS/West presents the third annual Ratha Con, Athens Pop Culture Convention this Saturday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. in the Athens Community Center.

Local NEWS

Reporter: Climate change happening; end of story

by David DeWitt

An enduring image of global warming for 20 years has been a polar bear on a shrinking sheet of ice. Now, we are the polar bear.

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Speaker at OU perfectly captured essence of climate threat

To the Editor:

Thanks for your article, "Climate Change Happening; End of Story." Clearly, we need to start dramatically phasing out fossil fuels within the next few years or face what scientists are now warning will be "catastrophic" climate change.